Adventure Tale in Bermuda

If you want to look at our island from another angle, pick up a copy of Pink Rock by Ron Lacey, an adventure novel that hits home. The author stresses that although the plot is about a group of terrorists who invade Bermuda and aim a nuclear missile at the U.S., the novel was begun before the 9/11 attacks. Frequent-visitor Lacey has penned a tale that features not only our beautiful island but also—despite his disclaimer—quite a few of our…

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Souvenir Searching – A Letter to the Editor of The Bermudian Magazine

The French language has transmitted so many lovely words into our vocabulary: paramour, soupçon and, ah, yes, pain au chocolat. But my favourite has always been souvenir—to remember, to recall. One of our Canadian provinces, Québec, even works the idea…

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A Food Lover’s Taste of Bermy Cuisine

This issue celebrates Bermuda’s myriad mouth-watering foods that have evolved over time along with new tastes that have awakened and revived the ever-growing culinary scene. (more…)

Our Bermuda

Lunch Truck Love

Trucks, Wagons, Carts and Counters: a Who's Who in Lunchtime Cuisine. (more…)

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Saturday on the Farm

Elizabeth Jones pays a visit to Windybank's farmer's market. (more…)

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The Little Cottage

It's no secret to anyone that Bermuda is one of the most beautiful places in the world. In fact, the island has been used many times as the setting for books and Hollywood movies. The latest Bermuda-inspired story is illustrated…