Artists View: Calix Smith

Artists View: Calix Smith

Who are you and what do you do?My name is Calix Socrates Smith, Jr. and I'm a concept driven visual artist, black hippie, protagonist for love and the hater of racism, sexism, classism and any form of oppression that keeps people from seeing each other as equals.   How did you start making art?The truth is, it started out as a lie to classmates in primary school. My dad was pretty good with a pencil and he used to draw…


Short Story and Poetry Contest Winners

Congratulations to overall winner Adam Gauntlet whose short story won the hearts of our judges. “Trouble with the Mate” was praised for its “adept structure and characterisation that made the short story successful—it’s a well-told little yarn combining diverse characters…


Artists View: Lee Petty

What’s your background? My earliest childhood memory was when I was in my backyard, playing in the fields surrounded by tall snapdragons and Easter lilies. My parents had rented the field to Aberfeldy back in the 70’s which was across…


This is Marlin Country

  It is a gorgeous Bermudaful day, the sun beats down brightly as the white wake of the boat dissolves into snow-like patches of bubbles against the bluest blue imaginable. The boat drones when, suddenly, all peace is shattered as…

Our Bermuda

Twelve to Twenty: Photographing Teenage Bermuda

 "It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are" e.e. Cummings     Spending your days peddling around Bermuda on a bicycle in the wintertime searching for teenagers may be a nightmare for some, but for Toronto-based…


Artists View: Melanie Francis

Who are you and what do you do? I am a painter a gemologist, traveler and student. A lover of life!     Why do you do what you do? I find the discipline of a technically rigorous art intensely…