Artists View: Rhona Emmerson

Artists View: Rhona Emmerson

Bermudian artist Rhona Emmerson was educated at Whitney Institute, Mount Saint Agnes Academy and The Bermuda College before studying graphic arts at Ryerson Polytechnic Institute and graduating from George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology with a diploma in Graphic Design in 1977. Now the president and art director of AAC Saatchi & Saatchi advertising agency, Emmerson spends her free time traveling and painting with the Plein Air Group. She is currently preparing for their upcoming group show at…


Artists View: Kok Wan Lee

Malaysian born Kok Wan Lee has been consistently exhibiting his art in Bermuda since 2001. A prolific artist, his works in acrylic, charcoal and occasionally mixed media have always received critical acclaim and generous support from the artistic community at…

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Lobsters in Bermuda

There aren’t many places left in the world where you can go out and dive for your own gourmet dinner. Bermuda’s coral-reef environment and its associated marine life make our island a unique place to live, where anyone with a…

The Consummate Bermudian

The Consummate Bermudian: The Cocktail Connoisseur

The Cocktail Connoisseur Walk into any supermarket or liquor store's wine section and there will be a new label from a different winery each week. The selection and shelf space devoted to simple choice keeps growing. Pick up any lifestyle…

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Bermuda’s Wild Side

What is the one attraction that all adults remember from their childhoods spent in Bermuda? It has to be the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo (BAMZ), most commonly referred to simply as “the Aquarium.” Ever since its opening in 1926,…


Jimmy Keys and the Lennon Bermuda Peace Concert

Following their massive success last year, Tony Brannon and Michael Freisenbruch will hold the second annual Lennon Bermuda Peace Concert on September 21, 2013, in the Botanical Gardens. This year's talent includes a Beatles tribute by The FabFaux and a…