A Beatle's Bermuda Fantasy
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A Beatle's Bermuda Fantasy

John Lennon’s Bermuda visit in the summer of 1980—just a few months before he was murdered—is detailed in a new book published by Freisenbruch-Brannon Media. Lennon Bermuda, written by reporter Scott Neil and illustrated by artist Graham Foster, chronicles the former Beatle’s idyllic two-month sojourn on the island, during which he wrote or completed numerous songs for what would be his final two albums, Double Fantasy and Milk & Honey. Piecing together well-researched anecdotes along with comments Lennon himself made…


Masterworks at 25

For the past quarter century, the Masterworks Foundation’s Tom Butterfield and Elise Outerbridge have pursued a single-minded goal: to collect quality artworks featuring Bermuda to help build a stronger sense of our national identity. They began with the “twelve apostles,”…


Rare Birds by Elizabeth Gehrman

In April 2009, freelance writer Elizabeth Gehrman was in Bermuda working on a travel story for the Boston Globe Magazine when she went to Nonsuch Island with Jeremy Madeiros to see Somers, the first cahow chick born on the island…


Godet's Green Man Gombey Wins!

Bermudian artist Molly Godet was completely surprised at her recent Charman Prize win for her exceptional watercolor painting Green Man Gombey. Now in its fifth year, the Charman Prize is sponsored by John Charman and given by the Masterworks Museum…


New Books on Black History

The National Museum of Bermuda (NMB) Press will release in early 2013 two new books that highlight poignant stories of black Bermuda. The first is a newly edited version of the late Cyril Outerbridge Packwood’s seminal 1975 history of slavery…


Happy Chinese New Year!

2012 marks the Chinese Year of the Dragon. Celebrations officially begin on January 23, but you can enjoy these dragon-themed cocktails anytime! The dragon is the mightiest of the signs. Dragons prefer to live by their own rules, and if left…