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Hot Fun in the Summer: A Day at the Beach

Bermuda’s beaches are some of the finest in the world, but then you already knew that. Family fun, surfing, swimming and lazing in the sun enjoying the sights and sounds are part of every Bermudian family’s summer. Over the years, the land surrounding our beaches may have changed and they may be a little more crowded, but from one end of the island to the other, their pristine beauty remains the same. Enjoy our look back at summer family fun on…

Our Bermuda

Hot Fun in the Summer: Cup Match!

Ahhhhh Cup Match, everyone’s favourite summer holiday when the whole of Bermuda grinds to a complete halt for two days to turn its attention to a cricket game. Cup Match began in July 1902 between the Somerset Cricket Club in…

Our Bermuda

Hot Fun in the Summer: Summer Sippin’

There is nothing like a cool summer cocktail to quench your thirst and celebrate the season. Here are our top summer cocktail picks - some classic, some new, all delicious and from Gosling's! As our uncle used to say, its…