Local ingredients. Authentic fare. International flair. Diners and cocktail enthusiasts can now enjoy this unique experience at the newly opened Sunken Harbor Club—the Bermudian chapter of the renowned New York cocktail bar created by St. John Frizell.

Located at Cambridge Beaches, Sunken Harbor Club is a dockside tavern and tropical cocktail bar with an adventurous menu crafted by executive chef Keith De Shields. It offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience featuring vibrant flavours and innovative libations in a lively waterfront setting overlooking the sparkling Mangrove Bay.

“It’s an upscale tiki bar,” says director of sales and marketing Alexis Roberts. “The interior is styled like a tropical dockside tavern and includes lots of memorabilia from Bermuda’s history, including grindstones taken from the Virginia Merchant shipwreck discovered by Teddy Tucker, taxidermy sharks, old lanterns and lots of beautiful jewel-toned fabrics. It’s a beautiful, unique setting with an uncovered patio overlooking Mangrove Bay.

In its dining options, Sunken Harbor offers a diverse fusion of flavours with Caribbean and Portuguese influences. The menu is based on recipes passed down for generations and features locally sourced ingredients such as turbot, red hind, yellowfin tuna, Bermuda honey, prickly pear, Gosling’s rum, loquats and more.

And of course, like it’s New York cousin, Sunken Harbor offers an eclectic cocktail list that includes both classics and revisionist newcomers. Bold and local flavours make up a selection of tropical cocktails like the Mai Tai (featuring a blend of three rums), the Hemingway Daiquiri (based on white rum and grapefruit), and the Painkiller (coconut, orange and pineapple with a blend of dark rums). There is also a selection of truly Bermudian cocktails including the Sunken Swizzle (a version of rum swizzle using Sunken Harbor Club’s own rum), Dark n’ Stormy (made with Gosling’s rum, ginger beer and lime), and the Virginia Merchant (a mixture of spiced bourbon, pineapple and mint, named for the 1661 shipwreck off Sonesta Beach).

Those looking for a more daring adventure might try The Twilight Zone cocktail menu featuring Remember the Maine (a beguiling variation of the Manhattan), the Bridge of Sighs (a rich, complex combination of Venetian aperitivo, coffee, ginger and Jamaican rums) or the Pacific Fleet Old Fashioned (invented by a rear admiral during wartime with single-malt Scotch, pot still rum, honey and bitters).

Not to be outshone by the cocktail menu, Chef Keith infuses decades of culinary experience into everything he creates, including 12 years at Cambridge Beaches and before that, 13 years in Germany where he worked alongside a Michelin two-star chef. “Chef Keith is simply one of the finest in Bermuda,” says Roberts. “He only uses the highest quality, freshest ingredients and always surprises and delights diners with his innovative flavour combinations. We’re lucky to have him—and we need him if we’re going to offer food as tantalising as our cocktails!”

And it is. Some dining favourites are the flame-grilled octopus with potato lemon espuma and coriander oil as a starter. Then, it’s hard to choose between the locally caught red hind fillet with porcini mushroom-filled tortellini, carrot and orange mousse and a loquat, Riesling and butter sauce or the citrus butter poached Bermuda turbot with truffle-roasted parsnip mousse and butter-spiced rum chanterelles. Or, of course, there are many other options, including vegan fare such as the homemade callaloo pasta with Jamaican-style ackee and the grilled chickpea steak served with brown butter roasted sweet potato mash and ginger lemon-glazed local carrots.

It’s hard to imagine a more perfect combination of food, drink and location. Cambridge Beaches is situated on a narrow and private peninsula surrounded by glittering ocean and bay waters. It offers white sands, salt air, and world-renowned sunsets. In addition, throughout the estate, architectural details date back to 1663. “We’re excited to welcome Bermudians and island visitors alike to experience the vivid tapestry of flavours on offer at Sunken Harbor Club,” says Roberts. “Come for the cocktails, stay for the food…and for more cocktails!”