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The Loren Launches its Summer Guest Chef Series

On Saturday, May 21st The Loren launched their Summer Guest Chef Series. Continuing throughout the season, the series will feature appearances from a number of Michelin-recognized chefs. Each week a different chef will curate their own original menu using season Bermuda ingredients and fresh local seafood.  Acting as a natural extension of The Loren’s culinary programming – which focuses on forging relationships with local farmers – each of the guest chefs will create their menus using seasonal Bermudian ingredients such as…

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Rule the Snack Game this Summer with BermyFresh’s NEW Flavours!

Pumpkin is the star of fall (or pumpkin-spice if you want to be specific) and peppermint is celebrated come Christmastime (candy cane, anyone?) but beyond watermelon and booze, we've never really had an official snack of summer...until now that is.…

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Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Dark ‘n Stormy with Goslings Rum

June 9th was officially International Dark ’n Stormy Day (Gosling’s has registered it and everything!), and as this year marks the 40th anniversary of the cocktail, Gosling’s is celebrating the milestone on tomorrow, June 23rd and the hopes everyone can…

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June 23rd is Dark ‘n Stormy Day: Join the Digital Celebration

The global pandemic has scuppered many a plan this summer—among them, Goslings’ goal of entering into the Guinness Book of Records by breaking the record for the largest Dark ’n Stormy in history (a record currently and annoyingly held in Copenhagen…

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We Tried 3 NEW Flavours of BermyFresh Hummus: Here’s What You’ll Love About Them!

The BermyFresh brand is the brainchild of longtime photographer and t-shirt designer and printer, Scott Tucker who embarked on making his farmer dreams come true five years ago. After hydroponically growing thousands of pounds of shiitake mushrooms, baby greens, herbs,…

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Gosling’s Wine Club: Introducing Organic Wines!

Introducing the chicest way to have the world’s best wines delivered to your home or office every month. Gosling’s may be well-known for their trademarked cocktails and spunky seal but their wines are worthy of just as much praise and…