With everything freshly baked and brewed, The Dockyard Pastry Shop is way beyond “coffee and a doughnut.”

It’s no secret that Dockyard has recently experienced a renaissance of sorts. Mega cruise ships have disembarked thousands of tourists at the historical venue, generating an influx of cash and new store openings, a rarity today as Bermuda experiences difficult economic times.

Joerg Rudolf took advantage of this isolated economic boomlet and opened the doors to The Dockyard Pastry Shop in August 2011, a dream two years in the making. Having lived in Bermuda for the past 24 years, Rudolf has a firm understanding of Bermuda’s market. He believes Bermudians have grown more aware of the importance of purchasing from bakeries that only use high-quality ingredients, a factor he believes led to the closing of several local bakeries in recent years.

Located just yards from the cruise-ship terminal, The Dockyard Pastry Shop has become a favourite among tourists and locals alike. With nonstop buffets and room service available 24 hours a day, it’s a mystery why a coffee shop located in a centuries-old building with turquoise outdoor umbrellas and a couple of stray chickens would appeal to the appetite of the average cruise passenger. But whatever the reason, The Dockyard Pastry Shop is as busy as they are dedicated to serving fresh, quality food.

The Dockyard Pastry Shop serves pastries baked fresh each day. You won’t find a day-old doughnut on the premises, and the lunch items are made to order, as much of a rarity as the economic boomlet driving this little pastry shop’s existence.

With more than 50 years’ collective experience from around the world, Rudolf and his team work hard to ensure that their customers are happy with both the food and service. Rudolf’s current goal is to continue to grow. From within the historic walls of his Dockyard shop, it appears that customers will never tire of superior quality and service.