If yummy mummies were a positive economic indicator, the owners and staff at Devil’s Isle Cafe on Burnaby Lane would rightly be very optimistic about the future of their business. The restaurant has captured both the corporate and the young family crowd, rapidly turning it into one of the most popular cafes in the city of Hamilton—and it’s easy to see why.

Owned by Buzz, Devil’s Isle represents the gas station cafe’s graduation into the world of gourmet dining. The menu offers a select variety of incredibly delicious and healthy options at an upper-mid price range. The presentation of the dishes, even that of the condiments, is elegant and refined.

But a potential downfall for Devil’s Isle may be its own popularity. The signature hamburger arrived tepid and overcooked within just a few minutes of ordering, suggesting it had already been prepared. While the service wasn’t unfriendly, and by no means unsatisfactory, by two-thirty in the afternoon the staff looked visibly exhausted. It may seem somewhat nitpicking, but in a country like Bermuda, friendly and engaging service is a prerequisite that restaurants would be foolish to overlook. 

But these problems are not uncommon for popular new restaurants, and are in fact a sign that everyone over at Devil’s Isle is doing things right. The popularity should mean more money for staff in the kitchen, so that orders don’t have to be pre-prepared, and a roster of wait staff that won’t be run into the ground by 2 p.m.