Gosling’s will always be synonymous with rum but one can’t rule out the high-quality wines and spirits the merchant has consistently introduced to our shores since 1806. One such brand is Kim Crawford Wines, one of New Zealand’s top wine makers, producing and selling wines from small vineyards across New Zealand since 1996.


Kim Crawford Malborough Sauvignon Blanc is the brand’s staple, their show pony of sorts. It first appeared on the Wine Spectator’s Top 100 List in 2003, making the list again in 2005, 2006 and 2008. Today, it is the #1 New Zealand wine in the United States, loved for its citrus and tropical fruit aromas and backed by characteristic herbaceous notes. 


Gosling’s Ltd. is a distributor of Kim Crawford Wines and in late August, they invited us to a private Kim Crawford Blending Seminar at Henry VIII’s to learn about the art of blending Sauvignon Blanc, namely about the regional components that go into crafting the perfect blend.


The hour long educational exercise began with an introduction to Kim Crawford Wines and the delicate wine making process. Kim Crawford Wines focus on flavor; their master winemaker, Anthony Walkenhorst describes himself as “the guardian of flavor”, aiming to let the original taste of the grapes shine through in every glass. The grapes that are selected for production are grown in vineyards scattered among the stunning vistas and coastlines of New Zealand. Each region has its own climate, soil and temperature, producing a diverse range of grapes.


We were encouraged to try the Kim Crawfords sauvignon blancs from their different regions, noting their aroma, their differing tastes and how each related to its originating environment. There are 5 main growing regions: Marlborough, Central Otago, Hawke’s Bay, Gisborne, and Canterbury and Kim Crawford Wines takes into account each region and the grapes it produces. Some regions produce wines that are lighter in colour, some with hues of green, some wines boast notes of passion fruit or crushed tomato leaf, while some claim notes of tropical fruits.


If you’ve ever been to a blending seminar, you’ll know that it’s much more difficult than it looks. Each wine varies greatly and blending the perfect Sauvignon Blanc is tricky – It’s all about creating the perfect mixture that isn’t overpowering but instead, amalgamates the notes and aromas of each individual wine in the best possible way.


Did we succeed in blending the perfect Sauvignon Blanc? One can’t be sure but the good news is that Gosling’s Ltd. and Kim Crawford Wines make enjoying a quality Sauvignon Blanc a pleasurable and accessible experience.



Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc is available at Gosling’s Ltd. for $25.75.


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