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Gosling’s Rum
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(441) 295-1123
With a history almost as old as the island itself, Gosling’s rum is the lifeblood of every Bermudian. No other spirit is so ingrained in our culture, making an appearance in many of our local staples including fish chowder, rum swizzle and the Dark ‘n’ Stormy. It has even been incorporated into roof-wetting and ship-christening ceremonies.
Gosling’s may be over two centuries old, but this family-owned business has plenty of new ideas. Their line of ginger beer, introduced in 2009, is the ginger beer of choice for many bartenders around the world. The company has recently partnered with reggae star Collie Buddz to launch a ready-to-drink Dark ‚’n’ Stormy alcoholic beverage that is taking the island by storm.
Gosling’s award-winning portfolio of spirits features three classic blends. The premium Black Seal rum is the most popular, with a rich, deep hue and nuances of butterscotch, vanilla and caramel. Crafted from the same blend is their Family Reserve, aged to perfection in charred oak barrels to create a fine sipping rum. Last but not least is Gosling’s Gold. The most recent addition to the trio, this robust spirit provides a unique amber counterpoint to the company’s historically dark blends. So whether you are a rum connoisseur or simply appreciate full-bodied island flavour, look no further than Gosling’s sensational spirits.


Outerbridge’s Original
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(441) 296-4451
Rummage through any kitchen cupboard in Bermuda and you are bound to find an Outerbridge’s Original shaker bottle. Outerbridge’s sauces, which add a unique zing to almost any dish, are the go-to condiments for local favourites such as fish chowder and codfish cakes. Outerbridge’s blends – classic sherry peppers, zesty wine vinegar and flavourful full-hot mustard – are synonymous with authentic Bermudian cuisine.
Inspired by brews concocted by nineteenth-century Royal Navy shipmen and perfected by Yeaton Duval Outerbridge, the company has been steeping their special ingredients with a myriad of herbs and spices for over 50 years. At the heart of their award-winning recipe is the marriage of bird peppers and sherry. Together, they create a delicious and versatile sauce that has been a smash hit since Yeaton Outerbridge began brewing commercially in his family home in Flatts Village.
Today, Outerbridge’s Original sells more than their signature sherry-pepper sauce. With 27 products ranging from mild and savoury to eye watering, the company offers a variety of sauces, mixes, jellies and spice packs. Their latest creation is Bermuda Swizzle Taffy, which has been an island-wide hit since its launch in 2011. The soft, chewy candies were inspired by Outerbridge’s Rum Swizzle Mix, and they are a new way to savour the flavour of Bermuda’s classic drink.
Outerbridge’s Original products are available in most grocery stores and gift shops as well as online at their website.



Bermuda Rum Cake Company
BermudaRumCakes. Contact: / (441) 234-4216
For over 14 years, the Bermuda Rum Cake Company has been baking up one of the island’s premier desserts. Moist and tender, the delicious tea-time and after-dinner treats are available in an assortment of flavours including traditional, rum swizzle and banana. Each cake is handmade and soaked in Gosling’s Black Seal Rum.
Tucked away in an old machine shop in Dockyard, the Bermuda Rum Cake Company entices passersby with the sweet, rich aromas of lemon, vanilla and ginger. Peek inside and you will see bakers hard at work producing hundreds of cakes a day to satisfy the insatiable appetites of their devoted fans. Heat-sealed to ensure mouth-watering freshness and an incredible shelf life of three to six months, these beautifully packaged desserts are a great way to share the essence of Bermuda with family and friends. Be sure to check out additional gourmet products like the seasonal Loquat Gold and the Christmas Special Edition.
The award-winning Bermuda Rum Cakes are available online or duty free in shops across the island. You can also visit the bakery in person to sample tasty morsels in every flavour and observe the cake-baking process firsthand.



Bouquet Garni Products
Contact: Julie Grayson-Smith
(441) 335-7079
Caterer-turned-entrepreneur Julie Grayson-Smith launched her line of handmade bottled products in 2006. Since then, Bouquet Garni has expanded to offer an eclectic variety of chutneys, pestos, jellies, salad dressings and more. Each signature item is crafted with care, and each is guaranteed to add an extra dimension to your favourite dishes. 
Emphasizing fresh ingredients and island flavour, Grayson-Smith’s products feature fruits and vegetables grown locally in Bermuda. The cooking, testing and tasting take place at the Bouquet Garni kitchen on Windybank Farm with plenty of input from family and friends. She recently launched a line of olive oils that include local fennel, lemons and garlic.
Check out Bouquet Garni’s bottled products and biscotti at both Lindo’s grocery stores. Grayson-Smith’s homemade soups, dips and baked goods are also available at the Windybank Farm every Saturday morning from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.



Tucker’s Farm Goat Cheese
(441) 337-7548. Farm address: 9 Lagoon Drive, Paget
James Tucker loves his goats. At first, they were pets, adored for their soft noses, floppy ears and playful mannerisms. Then, in the mid-1990s, Tucker began learning the science of cheese making and has been hooked ever since.
Tucker’s Farm is currently home to six “milkers” and one “billy.” Free to roam between the goat shed and the adjoining pasture, Tucker’s animals are healthy and happy, munching on grass and greeting visitors at the fence. While his facilities are capable of housing up to 10 milkers, Tucker says he hopes to focus on the processing side of cheese making and is currently expanding the culturing area in his dairy room.
Known for its tangy flavour and rich, smooth texture, goat cheese has a lower fat content than cheese made from cow’s milk. It is also easy to digest and packed with vitamin A and antioxidants. Tucker has also refined the art of cheese waxing to seal in flavour and extend the lifespan of his perfectly ripened products.
Tucker’s Farm cheeses are available across the island at grocery stores and weekly farmers markets, typically beginning in February and continuing until October.



Randolph Furbert, AKA Beekeeper Number 5
Contact: Randolph Furbert / (441) 293-0031
Randolph Furbert, Beekeeper Number 5, has been around bees his entire life. Inspired by his father, who tended hives as a hobby, Furbert opened Bermuda’s first commercial-scale extracting facility in 1988. Since then he has been
a proud member of the local Beekeepers’ Association and has travelled worldwide to attend educational conferences and promote the island’s honey.
Furbert started with a single apiary. Over time, he added to his collection until he was managing hundreds of hives from St. George’s to Somerset. But times are not easy for Bermuda’s beekeepers. Lack of rainfall in early spring 2012 combined with a decreasing bee population resulted in the island’s lowest yield in over 40 years. Despite the worrying number of lost hives, Furbert remains dedicated to producing his high-quality golden delicacy. He also welcomes local school groups and enthusiasts to check out his fascinating collection of honeys and learn more about Bermuda’s bees.
Pick up your own bottle of Beekeeper Number 5 honey at grocery stores and gift shops across the island; you can also visit the Honey House in person at the Chartwell Apiaries in Bailey’s Bay.



Bermuda Jam Factory
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Grant Kennedy and Joel McDonnell, two high-school teachers turned jam enthusiasts, founded Bermuda Jam Factory in 2004. The duo started with just one recipe. Hundreds of test batches and hot peppers later, Kennedy and McDonnell introduced Bermuda to their delectable sweet and spicy treat. Since then, they have expanded their collection and seared taste buds at the same time. Bermuda Jam Factory offers two wildly successful product lines. The first is the original Gombey Pepper Jams, which range from mild to hot, floral to fruity. These condiments add the perfect kick to bagels, burgers and even fish cakes. Bermuda Jam Factory also produces a no-sugar-added Give Me Agave series, featuring papaya and jalapeno preserves, and a spiced caramel dessert sauce. With the support of local restaurants and a loyal fan base, Kennedy and McDonnell seize every opportunity to expand their line of gourmet products; there is never a dull moment in this test kitchen. A recent addition and bestseller is Christmas Breeze, a spiced-pepper jam crafted for the Hamilton Princess during 2012 holiday season. Products are available for purchase island-wide as well as through the Bermuda Jam Factory online store. Be sure to stop by Bermuda Jam Factory’s booth on Harbour Nights for a taste of their award-winning jams.



Bermuda Artisan Sea Salt
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Matt Hooper has always been a salt connoisseur. For years, he added to his collection, accumulating different types and flavours of salt from around the world and cooking up test batches. Finally, in the fall of 2012, after months of research and plenty of trial and error, Hooper launched his own product: Bermuda Artisan Sea Salts.
With help from his father, Jay, Hooper has refined the art of salt making. First, he collects surface seawater in five-gallon buckets at multiple locations along South Shore. It is then filtered, boiled and carefully dried to make an extremely high-quality flaked salt. According to Hooper, the entire process, from sea to shelf, takes approximately 48 hours; the result is a light, crunchy and uniquely Bermudian delicacy that can be traced back to its original collection site using the batch number on the back of the tin. Bermuda Artisan Sea Salts are available in three different flavours: original, soy and lime.
Hooper’s sea salts are sold at International Imports, Windybank Farmers Market and Wadson’s Farm. Watch for this hot commodity at additional locations soon.