Sweet and delicious Bermuda watermelon sprinkled with Tucker’s Farm Hay Jude cheese and topped with mint from the garden–a surprisingly delicious combination of flavours in a fun and practical presentation. When asked about growing local watermelon, farmer Tom Wadson explains that watermelon needs “virgin land” which is a precious commodity. “We are planting on land this year that has grown nothing but grass, chickens and sheep for five years. It was abandoned 20 years before that. Fingers crossed for a bumper crop of jumbo sweeties!” Wadon’s crop–both seeded and unseeded–will be ready mid-July.

1. Slice whole watermelon into one-inch wheels; then slice again into single- serving wedges and arrange to complete a circle.
2. Sprinkle generously with Hay Jude’s goat’s cheese and top with julienned mint.