2 lbs of Stew Beef

5 cups of cut up vegetables – potatoes, carrots, turnip & or rutabaga.

Package of McCormick Hearty Beef Stew seasoning for Slow Cooker. Follow directions on the back of McCormick’s package…

Cook 2 cups of rice and when done remove some rice to serve stew over a bed of rice.

Put the remaining rice on low heat , add 2 egg yolks and a can of condensed milk, and cook until well blended. To make rice pudding, pour into a bowl or individual servings and garnish with ground cinnamon.

P.S.  I use Carolina Rice – seems to have a better texture for pudding.

Refrigerate remaining stew & let settle for 1 or 2 days. Then roll out some pastry and make  Beef Pies! When making pies, make some gravy too as pies tend to dry out a little, especially when you freeze them.