Tom Wadson makes his famous sausages from lamb shoulders and trimmings but he also grinds the lamb for burgers. They are super flavourful and juice and make an especially delicious burger.



2 lb. fresh ground lamb
2 soft white buns or English muffins
4 tbsp unsalted butter
4 oz. Tucker’s Farm goat’s cheese
4 tsp garlic mayo
Arugula or lettuce



1. Season the ground lamb with salt and pepper and form into four eight-ounce patties.
2. Place the burgers onto a hot charcoal grill.
3. Cook four minutes each side. Grill soft buns or English muffins.
4. Spread one teaspoon or mayonnaise on grilled bun, top with arugula or lettuce.
5. Place lamb patty onto the bun.
6. Top with crumpled goat’s cheese and shredded mint–take a bite!