Setting ourselves fun challenges that can be achieved from the comfort of our own homes has been a common motif of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. Liven up your WFH weekyday with this amazing guide to latte art. With Elmhurst’s Barista approved plant milks you never have to sacrifice an Insta-worthy latte because of your plant-based lifestyle.


What equipment you will need:

1) Something to froth your milk
Milk steamers – these are the metal wands that are attached to espresso machines and the most commonly used in coffee shops and are the best at achieving the foam consistency – microfoam – that is most effective in making latte art.

Automatic frothers – These are stand-alone little machines with a small automated whisk at the base of the electric jug. Simply press a button and your milk can be frothed, hot or cold. They are cheaper than an entire espresso machine and take up much less counter space.

2) Espresso
If you have an espresso machine, simply brew one or two shots of your favourite finely ground coffee. However, for the majority of us who do not, many automatic coffee makers like a Keurig have an espresso option. If you have access to neither, any local supermarket will have espresso-style coffee grounds or even instant espresso.

3) Elmhurst Barista Edition Nut Milk
Plant based milks of the past have not always held up to the heat of the steam wand. They are typically thinner consistency than cow milk and don’t make the best base for the luxurious ‘wet paint’ consistency of microfoam. However, Elmhurst’s new Barista series has completely broken those stereotypes and are perfect for creating at home masterpieces. We recommend the Barista Edition Milked Oats for that extra creamy deliciousness.


How to Make the Perfect Latte Art with Elmhurst:
While your espresso is brewing, check out this helpful video about the most common mistakes to avoid frustration!

Step 1: Pour 2oz of freshly brewed espresso into your mug. An espresso is typically 1 oz. of coffee and lattes are always ‘two shots’. Set aside.

Step 2: Pour 8 oz. of Elmhurst Barista Edition Milked Oats into a frothing pitcher that can hold at least 12 oz of liquid. If you are using a steam wand, angle the pitcher towards you and place the tip of the wand just under the surface of the milk for three seconds to aerate. Don’t panic, the loud ripping sound is normal! Quickly position the wand diagonally into the lower left or right quadrant of the pitcher.



Step 3: The milk should begin to move in a circular motion. Don’t move it around as you are steaming. Too much movement will make larger, stiffer bubbles. These are perfect for a cappuccino, but not for latte art. Stop the frothing when the milk reaches 140F (when milk jug in only comfortable to touch for a second).

Step 4: Gently tap your pitcher. This will even out the texture of your foam. The milk should look creamy without having too much foam on top. All the bubbles should be tiny and uniform.



Step 5: Grab your espresso mug and tilt the mug towards you. Begin to pour your milk from higher to start. The stream should be narrow. Once your drink is about half full, lower your pitcher’s spout so that it’s almost touching the liquid.

Step 6: Pour a little faster now to help the foam out of the pitcher. Pour directly into the centre of the mug where a small white dot should begin to appear.

Step 7: To make a heart, slowly tilt the pitcher and draw your stream through the centre of the mug to finish.

Or to make a rosette, once the dot starts to form, slowly rock the pitcher to create a ripple pattern in the mug. As you rock, increase the volume of your pour. Once you reach the far end of the mug, pour a little less milk and pull the stream through you centre.

This slow-motion video will help your perfect your latte designs.


Step 8: Snap a pic of your gorgeous at-home design and revel in knowing, if the last year has taught us anything, its that you can do pretty much everything from home you set your mind to!