Here’s what our readers most enjoyed making this year!

Loquat Liqueur 

For this undeniably Bermudian ‘re-frashment’, gather ye loquats while ye may, from late January ’til March. Click here for the recipe.

Fish Chowder

Much like a codfish breakfast, one cannot get a real taste of Bermuda without experiencing a bowl of piping hot fish chowder. Frequently referred to as our national dish, fish chowder isn’t complete without the addition of Outerbridge’s Sherry Peppers and Gosling’s Black Seal. Click here for the recipe.

Surinam Cherry Jam

A flavourful jam made in the springtime with handpicked surinam cherries. Click here for the recipe.

The Ultimate Goslings Rum Cake

Trust us, there’s no better recipe for Goslings Rum cake than this one. Click here for the recipe.

Portuguese Red Bean Soup

Is there anything more comforting than a heaping bowlful of homemade Portuguese red bean soup? Click here for the recipe.