“I got this cucumber crap dip from my friend John Olson, a fellow graduate of Indiana University.  My last semester there, when I was attending summer school to graduate early, we ended up having a lot of cook outs.  So naturally, I found a place to purchase Gosling’s Black Seal and made Rum Swizzles.  Little did I know the perfect combination with that became this Cucumber Crab Dip, to which I became absolutely addicted for the entirety of the summer.” – Actress, Rebecca Faulkenberry

Cucumber Crap Dip


Crab/Imitation crab/or mix

Cocktail Sauce

Raspberry Vinegar

Minced Cucumber

Cream Cheese


“Now I know this recipe unusually comes without measurements, but it’s really a use your own judgement kind of deal.  For reference, with an even mix of 1 cucumber and 1 package (yes, I know that package size can vary) of crab; I used less than one package of cream cheese, and 1 – 2 tbsp of raspberry vinegar and cocktail sauce.  Depending how big a fan you are of cilantro, you can be generous with that.  For the perfect combination, I recommend using Rosemary/Olive Oil triscuits to dip with.”

rebecca falkenberry crab dip.jpg