Spring is in full bloom here in Bermuda, with backyard gardens and roadsides brimming with an array of home grown and wild flowers. Edible flowers are a great way to add unique flavours to your meals, not to mention the results are almost too beautiful to eat! Beat the heat and impress everyone this Spring with some show-stopping, yet ridiculously easy, edible Bermuda flower popsicles. Cooling off has never looked so beautiful!

Be sure to read the short list of local flowers you can and can’t consume below before you begin foraging!


Photo from ChewTown.com


Edible Flower Popsicles


– Edible flowers

– Water or Coconut Water (or Champagne!)

– 2 tablespoons Orange extract / Elderflower syrup / Rose extract, whatever flavour you like best

– 1 tablespoon lemon juice (optional)

– Honey or agave or a flower-infused simple syrup (optional)


Some local flowers you CAN eat:
– Hibiscus
– Rose
– Daisy
– Nasturtium
– Sunflower
– Violet

Some local flowers you should NEVER eat:
– Oleander
– Lily
– Queen Anne’s Lace
– Morning Glory
– Marigold

* Only consume flowers from your own garden where you can be sure they have not been sprayed with harmful chemicals or pesticides. Be sure to wash all the flowers and remove the leaves, stems and stamens. (We suggest just using the petals.)


Photo from MarlaMeredith.com


Combine your liquid ingredients. If necessary, sweeten with honey or agave to taste. Pour the mixture into your popsicle moulds and freeze for about an hour without the petals or sticks. Remove from freezer and push the flowers evenly throughout the mould (you can use a chopstick or a knife, really whatever works best for the particular type of mould and petals you’re using). Put the popsicles back in the freezer with the sticks and freeze until solid, about another 3 hours depending on the size of your popsicles. Remove from the mould and enjoy!


Photo from Le Zoe Musings.