Summer in Bermuda is all about enjoying the outdoors, our beautiful beaches and getting on the water as often as possible.

So whether you are planning a day of boating at the dinghy races, a South Shore gathering with the family of a day at the beach with the kids, packing the perfect picnic takes skill. We asked author, chef and general foodies Judith Wadson to give us guidance on four perfect picnics for any occasion this summer in Bermuda.


The Kids Picnic

The best part of this is that kids can make the most of this picnic with minimal adult supervision. When kids take ownership of food prep, miracles happen. For safety’s sake, they can use regular serrated dinner knives to cut the cucumber and celery spears.
Bermuda carrots are not available in the height of summer when they are out of season. Whole carrots cannot be imported because of the inevitable carrot rust fly that could so easily hitch a ride on them. If this insect were to arrive in Bermuda, it would pose a serious threat to the island’s fragile ecosystem.


Veggie Spears with Dunking Dip
Baby Tomato-Cheese Skewers
Deviled Eggs
Cream Cheese and Cucumber Pinwheels
Watermelon-Citrus Agua Fresca


Watermelon-Citrus Aqua Fresca – Serves 8

6 lbs. Bermuda watermelon, rind and seeds removed
1 cup orange juice
½ cup lemon juice
½ cup lime juice
1½ cups cold water
1 tbsp. superfine (castor) sugar
Ice cubes

Put watermelon and juices in food processor and puree completely. Place fine-mesh sieve over large bowl and pour puree into it. Using a rubble spatula, press into fruit firmly to release maximum amount of juice. (Let the kids eat the leftover pulp! They will love you for it, and it’s good for them.) Stir water and sugar into juice. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Pour into large chilled thermos. Serve over ice.