4 fillets wahoo (about 6 oz each)

2 Bermuda Oranges

juice of 2 oranges, Bermuda or other

salt and ground pepper

6 tbsp butter

¼ cup fish stock

2 oz Dry Vermouth, preferably Noilly Prat

1 cup sweet white wine

30 green peppercorns

1 cup heavy cream

8 small mint leaves



Marinate the wahoo fillets for 1 or 2 hours in the juice of 2 oranges, zest of 1 orange and salt and pepper.

Peel the 2 Bermuda Oranges and divide into segments. Set aside.

Melt tbsp of butter in a frying pan and add the marinated wahoo fillets. Add the fish stock, the Dry Vermouth and the white wine. Cover and poach gently for 3 minutes on each side until fully cooked.

Remove the fish fillets and keep warm. Reduce the cooking liquid until it reaches the consistency of marmalade. Add the green peppercorns and the cream. Reduce for a further 5 minutes and then gradually add the remaining 5 tbsp of butter. Correct seasoning. Reheat the fillets in the sauce. Add the orange segments and garnish with mint leaves.