Though I adore our national drink, I find that sometimes I am in need of a change of libation. What other drinks can be made with our beloved Ginger Beer? These three ‘Stormy’ recipes will spice up your Ginger Beer game and let you sip your way through the rest of Hurricane Season.


Sun Showers
(A Mixture between a Bellini and a Moscow Mule)
4tbsp of peach juice
4oz of Vodka
Top with Ginger Beer and a splash of limejuice


(The northern adaptation of our Dark and Stormy- Inspired by Char No. 4 Bar, NY)
1.5 oz of Bourbon or Rye
0.5 Lime Juice
0.5 Maple Syrup
1.5 Ginger Beer
Shake in cocktail shaker and strain. Top with Ginger Beer.


(A mixture between a Mint Julep and a Moscow Mule)
1.5 oz Bourbon
Ginger Beer
Lemon squeeze
Sprig of mint