The body does an incredible job of detoxifying naturally on its own. That said, we can use nutrition to optimise the efficiency of our detox organs. Think toxic skin products, pollution, wine, coffee, and lots of sugar (the list goes on but I don’t want to be too depressing…!) Late summer naturally feels like the best time to do this – fresh air, farm stands bursting with produce and sunshine that puts an extra pep into our step and a dose of mood boosting Vitamin D. This smoothie is adaptable but I have used a mix of local ingredients for their high nutrient content, and frozen (nutrients are preserved pretty well in frozen produce!) If you haven’t tried adding sprouts to your smoothie, a small amount goes undetected and the nutrients in sprouts can be incredibly high in comparison to the mature vegetable form. Broccoli sprouts are my favourite for assisting in detoxification. These little shorties pack a punch!

½  Bermuda banana, frozen
½  cup frozen peach or mango
¼ cup Bermy Fresh sprouts (available in most grocery stores and at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings)
2 tbsp. piece of cucumber
1 handful of greens (spinach, collards, kale or romaine)
2 tbsp. or one small handful of parsley/cilantro
1 tablespoon of cashew or other nut butter (peanut butter is a popular allergen, pro-inflammatory and has a high affinity for mould.)
1 tbsp. flaxseeds
1 cup of liquid (green tea, dairy-free milk, coconut water or water) or more if you like it thinner
1 tsp. raw honey (make it local!)
Optional (1 tbsp. grass-fed collagen or hemp seeds)
2 pieces of ice

Simply blend and enjoy!

Sarah Wight is a patient coordinator at Ocean Rock Wellness and a qualifying nutritional therapist. You can find her on Instagram at @foodstories_inpaget