A girlfriend made this recipe for us once, and it’s been on weekly repeat for the last few months. It’s my boyfriend’s favorite dinner each week, and the only recipe he doesn’t provide constructive criticism to.

When clients get bored of ‘healthy eating’ I often recommend they explore other cuisines. North America doesn’t rely as heavily on fresh herbs and spices to flavor food as other cultures do and these are incredible sources of anti-inflammatory antioxidants. This recipe uses harissa (a spice blend that is moreish!), capers, olives, oregano and parsley for flavor. Any chicken can work and if you can, try free range organic. If you are vegan I would use a can or two or chickpeas in place of the chicken as they get quite crunchy when roasted.


4 chicken thighs
1 tsp. ground harissa spice
2 cloves of garlic, minced
½ cup fresh oregano leaves
2 tbsp. red wine vinegar
1 tbsp. honey
2 tbsp. olive oil
¼ cup pitted green olives (or black)
2 tbsp. capers
4 – 6 medjool dates, pitted
2 bay leaves
Salt and pepper

Preheat oven to 375F.
In a cast iron skillet, lightly heat olive oil on the stove top and add chicken thighs, face down. Cook for several minutes until skin is crispy. Once done, after about 3 – 4 minutes, whisk all of the other ingredients in a separate bowl and pour over the chicken in the cast iron. Bake for approx. 20 – 30 minutes, until meat is cooked.
Serve with potatoes, steamed broccoli or asparagus, or a fresh tomato salad with chopped shallots, basil, oregano and feta.

(Recipe adapted from Ottolenghi)