Carrots are a Bermuda must, whether they’re the star of your family’s carrot soup recipe or the simple side for rosemary chicken roasts. They were first planted in Bermuda way back in 1610 and have been grown locally ever since.

Carrots are ready for harvest around the time it’s starting to cool down a little. This is typically around Christmas, as most are planted in the fall, but they can be grown every two weeks throughout winter and spring. They need planting 3-4 inches apart in rows that are one foot apart. Carrots like damp soil and full sunlight and do take a while to show signs of germination.

Bear in mind that while misshapen carrots are okay to eat, they can be avoided by having high quality soil free of stones as well as not planting seedlings too close together. Carrots are ready to harvest when they’re about half an inch in diameter, which will be about 50-70 days after planting.

Looking for new ways to serve them? Here are some seasonings you may not have thought to pair with your carrots before cooking:

  • The most versatile seasonings that pair well with carrots, regardless of how they are cooked, are garlic salt, kosher salt and pepper.
  • Rosemary will bring out carrots’ earthy flavour.
  • Parsley is a relative of the carrot and helps to intensify the flavor. Cumin, coriander and dill are other plant relatives that work nicely.
  • Star anise will bring out a fresh, woody flavor in carrots.
  • Add a little cumin for a slightly spicy heat.
  • Add cardamom to make carrot desserts, such as Indian carrot halwa or halwa dessert.
  • Carrots go well with orange, either for savory or sweet dishes. Other citrus, such as lemon, can enhance the carrot flavour, too.
  • Brown sugar will bring out the sweetness in carrots. Add one teaspoon of butter to 2 tablespoons of brown sugar in a pan and melt together gently, then coat the carrots before cooking.