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Where to Eat

Sophisticated Taste at Intrepid

Imagine two friends, both British intelligence agents, one with the code name Intrepid and the other referred to as 17F. The first, Sir William Stephenson, conveyed critical information about the buildup of German armaments and the development of the cipher machine Enigma to the British secret service in the 1930s. The second, Lieutenant Commander Ian Fleming, who once oversaw a secret operation called Goldeneye, would base his charming and deadly superspy known as 007 on his good friend Bill. An…

Where to Eat

The Reefs Resort and Club

Great dining is more than a meal—it’s an unforgettable experience. At The Reefs Resort, that experience starts with some of the most beautiful pink sand beach views in Bermuda, staff who specialise in providing personal service, and three different restaurants…

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The Loren Launches its Summer Guest Chef Series

On Saturday, May 21st The Loren launched their Summer Guest Chef Series. Continuing throughout the season, the series will feature appearances from a number of Michelin-recognized chefs. Each week a different chef will curate their own original menu using season Bermuda…

Where to Eat

Boundary Sports Bar & Grille

Opened in October 2017, Boundary Sports Bar & Grille is the West End’s only sports bar and the ideal spot to relax and catch the latest game, all while enjoying comfort food that is nothing less than irresistible. Located at…

Where to Eat

Little Venice

Established in 1971, Little Venice celebrates over 45 years of unparalleled hospitality and vibrant, authentic cuisine. It is widely known as Bermuda’s first and most famous Italian restaurant and both the service and the menu have been internationally recognised. They…

Where to Eat

Flanagan’s Irish Pub, Outback Sports Bar & The Snug Cafe

Locals and tourists alike flock to Trip Advisor favourite, Flanagan’s Irish Pub, to enjoy hearty meals in a cozy and friendly atmosphere. Originally founded by Jack Flanagan, an Irishman, in 1988, the restaurant has earned a reputation for its warm,…