Chef Michiko Campbell and longtime friends Teneika Eve and Jajah Millet are redefining fast food at their restaurant Chiko&T’s.

Last May, Chef Michiko Campbell opened the doors to his very own restaurant. Some could say it was a long time coming for Chef Chiko, as he’s affectionately known. After fourteen years as a chef at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club and an entrepreneur (he has a line of all-purpose spice rubs that he sells both online and in stores), Chef Chiko finally has his own place. But he isn’t in it alone. Joined by his lifelong friends Dr Teneika Eve and Jajah Millet, the dynamic trio share both the workload and the passion. 

“We talked about it for a while,” Campbell explains. “We have the same vision and drive, and it was time to make it a reality.” 

Their dream was a unique one. “We wanted to make everything from scratch,” explains Campbell. By sidelining processed ingredients and choosing fresh ones instead, the trio is serving fast food, but a healthier version of it. “What we stand for is fresh, local and tasty.” Their menu is assorted and includes everything from fish cakes to burgers, sweet potato fries and wings. Their most popular dishes include local fish, which they serve up fried, grilled, atop a salad or a homemade bun, as well as their loaded nachos, which come piled high with either jerk chicken, fish, shrimp, beef or veggies. 

Since its opening, the restaurant, located at Devonshire Rec, has enjoyed a robust and diverse crowd, many of whom are happy to make the drive from either end of the island to get a taste of what Chef Chiko’s cooking. It seems that this chef’s return to the kitchen has been very well received indeed. 

Chiko&T’s is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Devonshire Recreation Club (20 Frog Lane, Devonshire