Imagine two friends, both British intelligence agents, one with the code name Intrepid and the other referred to as 17F. The first, Sir William Stephenson, conveyed critical information about the buildup of German armaments and the development of the cipher machine Enigma to the British secret service in the 1930s. The second, Lieutenant Commander Ian Fleming, who once oversaw a secret operation called Goldeneye, would base his charming and deadly superspy known as 007 on his good friend Bill.

An exciting new restaurant called Intrepid—located at the Hamilton Princess & Hotel and Beach Club where Sir William once stayed—is as suave, sophisticated and delicious as its fictional counterpart, James Bond. Intrepid is a steak, seafood and raw bar restaurant offering a contemporary twist on the classic American grill, bringing together international flavours, From Japan to Barbados, for a refined dining experience. You could say that Intrepid is as well-seasoned and well-travelled as both its real-life namesake and its fictional complement.

“Intrepid has been open for more than a year and we are incredibly pleased with the reception of our fine dining establishment,” says Tim Morrison, general manager at Hamilton Princess & Beach Club. “The restaurant is offering fine dining on a new level in Bermuda, in luxurious and glamorous surroundings which pay tribute to the rich history of the hotel. We are also fortunate to have a fantastic team executing a high-level of service, which enhances the guest experience.

What can diners expect from this elegant establishment? Some favourite starters include Oysters Rockefeller with bearnaise, spinach and herbs, and Crispy Pork Belly with rum glaze. With steak at the heart of the menu, meat lovers can avail themselves of prime cuts of beef that have been expertly dry aged by Niman Ranch. Seafood fans will enjoy the temaki sushi station and raw bar which specialises in oysters, caviar and freshly caught local fish. Other menu highlights include lump crab cake with cajun remoulade, the Intrepid maki roll with lobster, shrimp tempura, lemon butter, panko and asparagus, and the Goldeneye baked apple galette for a delightful finish.

The menu is as appealing as the dining space located in the Hamilton Princess, Bermuda’s grande dame and symbol of all that Bermudians hold dear: courtesy, hospitality and quality with an unparalleled sense of style. Overlooking the bustling and beautiful Hamilton Harbour, this architectural treasure has hosted royalty, world leaders, dignitaries, celebrities and travellers—and international men of mystery—for more than 130 years. Intrepid is located in the hotel’s Gazebo Wing and offers a refined steakhouse atmosphere with panoramic harbour views and stylish Art Deco surroundings.

The restaurant also has a private dining space, named ‘Room 287’ for the code name of the top-secret Scientific & Testing Department (S&T) of the British Censorship Detachment at the Princess Hotel in Bermuda. Initially this was a small office on the second floor, until a larger location was prepared. Evidence supplied by censors in Bermuda’s ‘Room 287’ was used in cases to convict many individuals who were exchanging information in secret ink. This is another nod to Intrepid’s superspy history. Alos, art aficionados will appreciate the larger-than-life canvas original by KAWS titled The Great Below inside the private dining room.

Of course, delightful concoctions are also on the menu for those who enjoy a cocktail, such as the hand-shaken Hibiscus Daiquiri, Bermuda Rum Negroni and the Rum Collins. Other inspired classics include the Mermaid Margarita, the Smoky Old Fashioned, Princess 75 and, of course, the Intrepid Martini made with Absolut Elyx vodka, lemon peppercorn Lillet and Castelvetrano olives—served shaken, not stirred.

In addition, Intrepid launched newly curated cocktails, presented in unique vessels. The Pink Phonebooth, crafted with the artistry of Grey Goose Strawberry Essence Vodka, Guava, zesty fresh citrus, fresh pineapple, and a touch of sparkling Rosé, promises a bouquet of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. The Mexican Zombie features Patrón Silver Tequila, Fresh Pressed Lime, Pineapple, and Jalapeños, presented in a mug that epitomizes Mexico’s ‘Dia de Muertes’.

“We are proud to offer a complete dining experience as refined and appetising as the restaurant and hotel surroundings,” says Morrison. “We look forward to receiving all who wish to savour truly exceptional cuisine on the island.”