Sometimes in Bermuda, it can feel a little like you’ve done it all. Whether you’re just getting to know someone or looking to shake up your date night routine, we have you covered with these suggestions!

For a Midweek Rendezvous: Little Venice
Knock off work for a wonderful glass of wine at Little Venice. With an extensive wine-by-the-glass menu at its bar – which come with complimentary nibbles most nights – it’s the perfect place to talk about how your day went. If things go well, pop next door to the main restaurant and order cacio e pepe to share – made tableside, it’s a lovely shared experience. 32 Bermudiana Road, 295-3503.

For Patrons of Pop Culture: Media Lounge
For the movie buff, this is the cinema to go to see the latest releases. While it’s a trek out west, its wide and comfy armchair seating lends itself to cosying up close to your date. Load up on junk food at the concession and, if the movie ends early enough, treat your amor to an ice cream cone at Haagen Dazs. Maritime Lane, Dockyard. 707-0734.

For the Indecisive: Harbour Nights
With the exciting news that Harbour Nights will last 15 weeks this summer, this is the ideal laidback date destination. In addition to music, local vendors and Gombeys, there’s tonnes of dinner options. You want J&B’s Pizza (our recommendation!) and they want Jamaican Grill? No problem! Enjoy them both while sitting on the edge of the docks and listening to the live tunes. Just be sure to round off the night with a fresh malasada (Portuguese donut) from Casa Dos Açores. Front Street, Hamilton, from May 24th until August 30th.

For Competitive Couples: Strykz Bowling Lounge
Whether you’re trying to assess whether you’re a competitive match or just looking for a fun activity for a double date, Strykz has you covered. Wear a cute top to go with your rental shoes, play for bragging rights and grab some fast food to finish for this retro themed date. For those who can’t imagine dragging themselves this far east, rest assured that a similarly wonderful time can be had at Warwick Lanes. 27 Southside Road, St. David’s. 297-2727.

For a Really Hot Date: Ruby Murry’s
Be sure to make a booking for this restaurant after dark, so that you can walk your date up the whimsically lit lane to set the mood. Serving arguably the best Indian food on the island, Ruby’s is a cosy underground space which is an ideal spot for intimate conversation. Insider tip: only order your curry ‘Indian hot’ if you are supremely confident in your spice tolerance – you have been warned!
Chancery Lane, Hamilton. 295-5058.

On the Beach: Hamilton Princess Beach Club
Running for just a few months each summer, the Hamilton Princess’ dinners on the beach series are an underrated gem. One of the few opportunities for locals to experience beautiful Sinky Bay, it’s also the easiest option for a romantic and truly on-the-beach dinner.