Bermuda’s spiny lobster are a tough nut to crack, often leaving chefs with bruises on their hands from handling their shells – but all that hard work is worth it! Notably different to most popular lobster, such as Maine or Canadian, all of the meat is in its shell.

Given that local lobster is only available for half the year (September through March) it’s worth being judicious where you indulge in it – particularly as it’s often an expensive treat. An important caveat: if you have your heart set on lobster, it’s usually a good idea to call ahead to ensure they have it in as they’re at the mercy of that day’s fishing haul.

For Something Unexpected: Wahoo’s Bistro and Patio
Wahoo’s is unquestionably one of Bermuda’s gems: great seafood and even greater company in its incredibly friendly waitstaff. Here the trick is to order their special stuffed lobster, rather than the traditional broiled or thermidor. Perfectly cooked, the lobster is sweet and tender, offset by their signature spicy and smoky crab stuffing. Enjoy with the garlic mashed potatoes and a healthy splash of lemon to take things to the next level. 36 Water Street, 297-1307.

For the Traditionalist: The Lobster Pot
We couldn’t talk about lobster in Bermuda without mentioning our oldest seafood restaurant. With its dedicated following, Lobster Pot have proven themselves masters of their craft: with lobsters adorning everything from their logo to their stained-glass windows, there’s no doubting that here, lobster is king. Go big here with a group of friends or visitors to the island – be sure to start with cocktails and leave space for the restaurant’s delicious desserts. 6 Bermudiana Road, 292-6898.

For a Thermidor to Die-For: The Red Carpet
Tucked away, Red Carpet often feels like a remnant of old Bermuda, luxurious and traditional. It’s no surprise, then, that their lobster thermidor – the classiest of preparations – leaves everyone else’s in the dust. Get dressed to impress for this meal and make it an evening to remember. 37 Reid Street, 292-6195.

For the Freshest Local Lobster: Lost in the Triangle
When you hear someone talking their food being ‘lit’, just bear in mind they might mean ‘LITT’! Specialising in the freshest local seafood, you can happily while away a weekend afternoon here, sitting on their outdoor porch on South Road. Enjoy a baked lobster with their signature lemon sauce or, if you fancy something lighter, try their guinea chicks. 87 South Road, 296-0094.

For When You Just Can’t Decide: The Spot
If you’re feeling a little indecisive about how you want your lobster or just downright gluttonous(!), may we suggest checking out The Spot’s offering? This classic diner is full of surprises, including a delicious whole local lobster on the menu, which you can have both ways: broiled and thermidor. Who says you can’t have your cake lobster and eat it, too? 6 Burnaby Street, 292-6293.