Feed Your Fitness

Pre and post workout nutrition can boggle the mind, and for most regular exercisers, they need not stress about special strategies or the timing of their meals so much as making sure they are eating regular well balanced meals.

You need to look after your body both inside and out, especially if you are beginning a new exercise regime. Fitness and health coach Tania Kowalski gives six tips for feeding your fitness:

1. Fuel: Never “run on empty.” Opt for a small, balanced meal including protein and carbohydrates one to two hours before exercise to give you the energy and amino acids you need to grow. Example: half a cup of large flake oats, prepared and 2 eggs or 1 egg and a few egg whites.
2. Recover: Feed your muscles when they are depleted by once again choosing a meal consisting of carbohydrates and protein. Have this meal directly after or within two hours after your workout to repair muscle tissue and replenish muscle glycogen. Example: 1 scoop of good quality protein powder, 1 cup unsweetened nut milk, 1 big handful of leafy greens and 1 small banana, blended.
3. Optimise: The rest of the day counts just as much as the meals around your workout. Eating regular, balanced, whole foods meals will help you lose fat and maintain or grow muscle mass. They will also keep your energy balanced and keep you recovering well.
4. Hydrate: Your body is around 60 percent water. It is essential to drink water for waste removal, digestion, body temperature regulation, circulation, balancing bodily fluids and to keep your skin hydrated. Have at least one glass of water in the hour before you exercise and drink water regularly during your workout. Sip throughout the rest of your
day—sipping is better than chugging it in one go. If you’re exercising intensely for longer than two hours and/or in the heat or humidity you may consider a sports drink that will help to balance electrolytes or adding an electrolyte supplement to your water.
5. Quality: Our bodies won’t run on substandard fuel. To perform in peak condition they require macronutrients, which are in protein, carbohydrates and fats, and micronutrients, which are vitamins & minerals. Choose a variety of nutrient dense high quality vegetables, fruits, proteins and fats to cover all of your bases.
6. Reduce: Cut down on soda, juice, alcohol, sugar, processed foods and transfats. The body requires nutrient dense foods for optimal performance and recovery.


Motivational Music

Put on some of your favourite tunes and it’s almost impossible not to move. Who couldn’t take down Mike Tyson while listening to ‘Eye of the Tiger’ or win Olympic gold to the ‘Chariots of Fire’ theme tune? Here are some playlist ideas that might inspire you:

Annabel Cooper’s Favourites:

• ‘I Love Rock N’ Roll’ – Nicollette Knight
• ‘Kryptonite’ – 3 Doors Down
• ‘Are You With Me’ – Lost Frequencies
• ‘Don’t Stop Believin’’ – Journey
• ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ – Queen
• ‘This is the Life’ – Amy MacDonald
• ‘Footloose’ – Kenny Loggins
• ‘Paint it Black’ – The Rolling Stones
• ‘Greenlight’ – Pitbull (feat. Flo Rida & LunchMoney Lewis)
• ‘Daddy Cool’ – Boney M.
• ‘Wake Me Up’ – Avicii

Jillian Michael’s Workout Playlist:

• ‘Recalled To Life’ – Dutch Master
• ‘Sanctuary – Radio Edit’ – Gareth Emery, Lucy Saunders
• ‘Melodrama’ – David Puentez
• ‘Are We All We Are’ – P!nk
• ‘Clique’ – Kanye West, JAY Z, Big Sean
• ‘Years – Vocal Extended Mix’ – Alesso, Matthew Koma
• ‘She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) [feat. Sia] – David Guetta, Sia
• ‘Hungry Hearts’ – Radio Edit – Nause
• ‘Come On’ – Tiësto, Diplo
• ‘Promises – Skrillex & Nero Remix’ – NERO
• ‘Lessons in Love’ – Kaskade, Neon Trees
Source: Spotify

Top Workout Songs:

• ‘Till I Collapse’ – Eminem
• ‘POWER’ – Kanye West
• ‘Jumpman’ – Drake
• ‘Closer’ – The Chainsmokers
• ‘This is What You Came For’ – Calvin Harris
• ‘Work’ – Rihanna
• ‘Cheap Thrills’ – Sia
• ‘Starboy’ – The Weeknd
• ‘7/11’ – Beyoncé
• ‘Hey Mama’ – David Guetta
Source: Spotify


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