Looking for a socially distanced sport? These 10 activities keep you in the open air and can be done both solo or easily at a distance in small groups.


1. Walk or Cycle the Railway Trail
Running the length of the Bermuda Railway Trail is a perfect autumn outdoor adventure. As a hard-packed flat dirt trail, it is ideal whether on a bike or on foot and you can access it from wherever you are on the island. Those who commit to traveling the entire trail will not be disappointed: the views take in the coastal shoreline, Bermuda’s stunning beaches, and natural woodland with canopied paths.


2. Surf’s Up!
Though not a common sport here, there are plenty of places to surf on the island that can produce some quality waves. What is more crucial to understand is the timing and conditions that make the best ones. Check out our guide to surfing in Bermuda with Cullen O’Hara.


4. Try Your Hand at Tennis
Bermudians like to take credit for introducing tennis to America by way of Mary Outerbridge (nee Gray). Mary picked up the game in Bermuda, and upon moving to the U.S, she set up the country’s first tennis court on the grounds of the Staten Island Cricket & Baseball Club in March 1872. When it comes to where to play, The Pomander Gate Tennis Club welcomes guests as temporary members and W.E.R. Joell Tennis Stadium is also a budget-friendly option: It has five courts, a practice wall, three clay courts, and is open for the public. Call 292-0105 to book a court.


5. Take the Plunge
Dipping into the salty Atlantic provides a plethora of health benefits. Not only does it provide the chance for some mindfulness and meditation, but it also gives a natural endorphin high that raises mood, elates the senses, and creates an urge to dive back in. Shelly Bay Beach, Clearwater Beach, Harrington Sound, and Clarence Cove provide a more peaceful opportunity for an evening swim.


6. Take a Swing
In Bermuda, we have six major golf courses that have been played on by celebrities, political leaders, and PGA golf champions from across the globe. The BTA has a handy golf guide to get to know the courses. And if you’re not ready for the fairways yet, you can always practice at the Bermuda Golf Academy’s Driving Range.


7. Hike Up to a Fort
Bermuda’s highest points are often decorated with historic forts, providing prime hiking trails and the opportunity for an aerobic adventure. Fort Scaur in Somerset was built in the midst of beautifully preserved 22-acre park on the highest hilltop in the West End, making it an excellent vantage point for Ely’s Harbour and the Great Sound. Fort Popple in the East End can only be accessed after a long coastal walk. The walk takes visitors over farmland and rocky shorelines to reach the remains of the once handsome stronghold. Views out towards the open sea are sure to amaze those who make the climb.


8. Get your Arms Pumping in a Kayak
Perhaps the most peaceful way to take in Bermuda’s natural splendor at water-level is by kayak, rentable from various vendors across the island and requiring no experience to operate. Hop into your own single or double vessel and set out discovering the rocky shores, coves, and inlets of the island, many inaccessible by motorboat. Blue Hole Water Sports at Grotto Bay Beach Resort offers kayak rentals up to a full day, allowing explorers and adventure seekers the opportunity to traverse to the southern side of Castle Harbour to take in the surrounding areas of Nonsuch Island and Tom Moore’s Jungle. Or if you’re looking for a West End experience, BDA Watersports at Somerset Bridge offer kayaks at an hourly rate.


9. Outdoor Yoga
Yoga works within the principles of meditation to calm your body and mind holistically, so now might be the most perfect time to start practicing. You’ll find that most local yoga studios offer outdoor classes but if you’d rather alone time, there are many online classes too, making it is easy to download a session to your phone or tablet and take it to a peaceful outdoor spot to get into your own solo flow.


10. Take Up Kiteboarding
When the winds pick up, kiteboarders dart along Bermuda’s shores with their coloured kites responsible for zipping them along at full speed. This fall, muster the gumption and try your hand at this extreme watersport. Sure, kiteboarding requires focus and physical strength, but with concentrated instructional training from Island Winds in Bermuda, almost anyone can meet the standards required to enjoy the wet sport. The best part? The feeling of flying high above the surf is incomparable.