It’s Friday again and there’s a good chance you or your friends are going to overdo it in the drinking department. Here are a few tips on how to handle your more-than-tipsy friends and how to get them home safe and sound.

A little hot, half hot, or full hot? The first step is recognizing when someone has had one too many.
Has their speech devolved into some type of protolanguage only they can understand?
Are they having trouble walking normally?
Are they starting to get a little violent?
Are they struggling to stay awake while the rest of your group continues the conversation?

Are they under the impression everyone else is just as drunk as they are?

If the answer to these questions is yes, your friend might be full hot. It’s time to help them out. Here’s how:
Try distracting them from drinking any more. If they’re too stubborn to accept an offer of some water, lure them outside for some fresh air. This gives them a chance to realize how drunk they are and sober up a little.

Suggest it’s time to call it a night, and order them a taxi. If they insist on partying more, make sure you take their keys.
If you can, don’t leave someone who is very drunk to fall asleep alone. Stay in the room with them.
If you can’t be with them, or you can’t be sure someone else will keep an eye out for them, get on the phone to someone you know who will care enough to do this, such as a parent, guardian, sibling, or friend.


Look for signs of alcohol poisoning. If breathing becomes slow (eight breaths per minute or less or irregular with 10 seconds or more between each
breath), and the person is unresponsive to being prodded and pinched firmly, this suggests alcohol poisoning. Other possible signs include:
Passing out ­ unconscious or semi-conscious, cannot be awakened
Blue lips and fingertips
Rapid pulse
Vomiting while asleep and not waking up even when vomiting
Cold clammy hands/ feet.

If you see signs of alcohol poisoning, call emergency services and stay with them until help arrives. If someone else is present, ask them to direct the paramedics to your position.




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