With such beauty surrounding us on our little island, one of the best ways to get out and enjoy it is with a long walk or jog along the many trails and tracks throughout the country. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just starting to work on your fitness, Colonial Medical Insurance and The Bermudian magazine can help you choose the route that’s best for you.



1. Hog Bay Park, Sandys

The park at Hog Bay is one of Bermuda’s biggest and finest. Being as big as it is, you don’t need to take the same route every day, leaving plenty to explore, including the beautiful but run-down fort. And as an added bonus, you can cool off with a nice swim afterwards.




2. The trails between Horseshoe Beach and Warwick Long Bay

You’d be hard pressed to find more idyllic scenery than on this stretch of sand on South Shore in Warwick. Which is good, because the route is far from easy. If you want to give your calves some extra burn, running in the sand along here will see to that in an instant.




3. Spittal Pond

While the entire area makes for a good running route, those that are feeling extra adventurous can use it as a launching point, before winding past John Smith’s Bay and down towards the Mid Ocean Club.




4. The Arboretum

The Arboretum is perfect for a quick jog if you’re pressed for time, or not feeling up to something more strenuous. The trail around the park takes about 10 minutes, allowing you to repeat it as many times as you feel necessary. But if cardio isn’t all that’s on the menu that day, there are wooden exercise stations along the way!




5. The Railway Trail

It’s no secret that Bermuda’s railway trails make for amazing running routes. And since they go throughout the island, there will always be a convenient trail nearby.






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