A self-proclaimed “sports-fanatic,” Felix always enjoyed staying active. He also enjoys watching sports on television, cooking and gardening. A devoted family man, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Gloria, their children and grandchildren.

Felix began feeling a bit run down and noticed changes in his ability to keep up with his family. “I had limited energy,” recalls Felix. “It was very frustrating.”

He was diagnosed with a condition called scleroderma—an autoimmune and chronic disease that affects the body by hardening connective tissue like skin. Felix experienced high fevers, shortness of breath and was losing weight.

Felix’s condition worsened to a point where he needed to start seeing a pulmonologist. His condition continued to worsen, which led Felix to become completely oxygen-dependent. He was eventually referred to the Temple Lung Center.

Felix transitioned his care to the pulmonologists at the Temple Lung Center. After a comprehensive evaluation, Felix was found to be a suitable candidate for a lung transplant. “From the first appointment and evaluation, Dr. Shenoy was confident he could help me,” Felix says. “All along, he was positive. I knew I would be in good hands.” Felix was placed on the transplant list and waited for lungs to become available.

In April 2014, Felix received a double lung transplant at the Temple Lung Center. The complex procedure was performed by Yoshiya Toyoda, MD, PhD, Surgical Director of Heart and Lung Transplantation at Temple University Hospital. “I am very grateful to Dr. Toyoda for his expertise and care,” Felix says.

Felix’s recovery spanned eight months and included specialized therapy. “Dr. Shenoy coordinated a portion of my care with a hospital in the Lehigh Valley closer to my home so I didn’t have to travel so far for therapy or certain tests,” Felix says. Felix says he wakes up every morning thankful that he chose Temple. “When my grandchildren were younger, all I could do was sit and watch them play basketball. Now, I can shoot hoops. Even though my grandson is taller than me, it’s still a great feeling knowing I can be part of the fun,” he says.

This spring will be three years since his double lung transplant. “I sometimes can’t believe how far I’ve come. Three years ago, I had limited mobility, and now I can do everything,” adds Felix. “I feel blessed every day.”


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