The Athletic Club Bermuda is challenging local businesses to get fit in a Biggest Loser style six-week fitness and nutritional programme that has already proven highly successful.

“We are honoured to shape up area businesses,” says Kym Herron Scott, owner of The Athletic Club Bermuda and Turks and Caicos. “It’s a win-win situation. The challenge helps reduce healthcare costs, improves work productivity and creates happier, healthier employees.”

The Corporate Fit Challenge is an internationally recognised wellness programme that helps create healthier workplaces by inspiring change in diet and exercise. This exciting opportunity is available in Bermuda only at The Athletic Club. The initiative is led by certified fitness professionals who provide support and motivation.

“We are excited to be able to offer a quality programme such as the Corporate Fit Challenge as 80 percent of healthcare dollars are spent on diseases that are almost entirely preventable by diet and exercise alone,” says Scott. “The average participant in the programme loses 10 to 12 pounds and 8 to 10 inches over the course of six weeks and adopts new habits of better eating and increased physical activity. As a result, employers reap the benefit of a happier team, improved collegiality, better energy and focus at work and reduced health risks.”

Only 15 percent of the workforce reports to be active on a regular basis; however, another 63 percent desire to be active. Having completed their fourth challenge since January, The Athletic Club hopes to continue to inspire happiness through active living!

One participant in the challenge, Sonia Costa, was so inspired after her 14-pound weight loss success that she continued to work out and has (as of press time) lost a total of 61 pounds. “The best part of the challenge was the motivation from the trainers,” says Costa. “Also seeing the after results. When I lost 14 pounds I knew I had to continue.

“To continue my progress I eat healthy during the week—whole-wheat carbs only in the morning, lean protein meats, vegetables and salads, almonds or a protein shake for a mid-day snack. Also I eat on a time schedule [which includes] breakfast at 7:30 a.m., lunch at 12:30 p.m., a mid-day snack at 4:00 p.m. and dinner at 7:00 p.m., so I am eating every three hours.

“Also to continue my progress, I exercise five times a week. I meet with a trainer at The Athletic Club on Tuesdays and Fridays for a half-hour personal-training session. On Monday and Wednesdays I do cardio and weights, and on Thursdays I attend a class offered at the gym called Tabata.

“I would recommend the Corporate Fit Challenge to others because it motivates you to have fun exercising and it starts a whole new lifestyle change with your eating habits.”

Another Challenge participant, Zakiya Simmons, says she was fine with her body before but she knew she needed to change her lifestyle and couldn’t do it on her own. “The best part of the corporate fit challenge was doing it with my friends,” said Simmons. “I wasn’t alone on this challenge and the trainers were very helpful and they stay on top of you and make sure you are getting the full benefits of the challenge.”

The worst part? “I had to completely change my eating habits. It was hard because I loved fried foods and sodas.” To date Simmons has lost 22 pounds and nearly nine inches as she continues to work out daily and eat healthy.

The Corporate Fit Challenge is designed for companies with a minimum of eight interested participants including spouses and children 16 years or older. It is a six-week fitness and nutrition overhaul which offers coaching sessions with a trainer, before and after assessments, five group training sessions, complete and easy-to-follow food plan and food and exercise journals. The Athletic Club has also included full use of fitness centre, spa and shower facilities and classes for CFC participants during the six weeks for $399 per participant, a $700 value. TAC Members can participate in the Corporate Fit Challenge at a discounted rate of $279. Companies usually partially subsidise this programme, but it isn’t a necessity to get the staff started.

The Athletic Club, established in 1985, is currently enrolling businesses for Corporate Fit Challenges. To secure a space for your business, call 441-295-6140 today or stop by the Cedar Parkade Building, Washington Street, Hamilton, Bermuda. E-mail