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Medical Musings with Dr. Shane Marshall: The Latest On Cardiac Connections: “Let it go!”

When cardiologists get together and talk about their profession, the conversation inevitably turns to how lucky we are. We get to think about physics, hemodynamics, and vascular biology, and we’re shielded from messier tasks like rectal exams or sputum inspection – chores that some of our hardier colleagues undertake every day. The thing is, though, the heart connects to everything, so cardiologists still need to be attuned to how other organs are working. Your heart’s most active connection is with…

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What Your Family Tree Can Tell You About Cancer Risk

Tracing the family tree is a hobby many people enjoy. It can be fun to be a family historian, gathering stories and discovering connections to people and places you may never have known about otherwise! Knowing your family’s medical history…

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Its Never Too Late To Quit

It’s no secret that tobacco is a leading cause of cancer. The World Health Organization describes tobacco as the single greatest avoidable risk factor for cancer mortality and estimates that its use kills more than 8 million people worldwide every…

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Can Exercise Lower Your Cancer Risk?

Did you know that lack of exercise is a risk factor for cancer? Even if you eat a healthy diet, don’t smoke, drink alcohol in moderation, and maintain a healthy body weight, a lack of physical activity plays a role…

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How To Eat Well To Be Well

The World Health Organization estimates that about one in six deaths globally is due to cancer. In 2018, that added up to about 9.6 million deaths around the world. At the same time, about one third of those cancer deaths…

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How Much Do You Know About Breast Cancer?

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