Located at The Waterfront on Pitt’s Bay, Waterfront Wellness is an exciting new nutrition and fitness facility with top of the line equipment (including Technogym spin studio) and a full complement of personal training and fitness classes. The Bermudian chats with Catherine Burns, AVP Nutrition, Wellness and Community Health, to learn more about the whole range of their services.


Who makes up the Waterfront Wellness fitness team?
Our members get expert guidance from Yves Paul, Dawn Berry and Graham Frith—all of whom bring decades of experience to the table. While they’re used to dealing with an extremely varied range of clients, Yves has a special interest in team sports performance and Dawn has extra qualifications in rehabilitation from chronic disease. Always a running enthusiast, Graham is now working on his run coach certifications with the UESCA. This has brought huge value to the group, allowing us to expand our running club options, especially at beginner and intermediate levels where form and function are so important for injury prevention.


Tell us about your role and the nutrition component.
I joined Waterfront Wellness in September last year when we expanded to include nutritional therapy. I’m the founder of Natural Nutrition (consultancy services), the Nutrifit optimum nutrition programme and Bermuda’s popular “Beat the Couch” beginners running programme. I trained for four years with the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London. It’s one of the leading holistic nutrition schools globally and requires extensive assessed clinical training. So, you’re in good hands!


How does Waterfront Wellness successfully incorporate both exercise and nutrition?
At Waterfront Wellness we know that exercise is amazing for boosting your fitness but you’ll never reach peak performance (or well-being) without optimising your nutrition too. Our members now have access to exceptional nutritional care and can use this to leverage their results. Further, all new gym members now have a nutrition conversation as part of their orientation. We firmly believe that the two go together!


What are your long-term goals for Waterfront Wellness?
Waterfront Wellness is more than just a gym. By combining our fitness element with nutrition services, we believe we’re on our way to offering a much more holistic product. However, our wellness philosophy “Live Well With Us” is something we’re also working on integrating through The Waterfront’s other companies. We’re providing corporate wellness options for the tenants here at The Waterfront; at Miles Market you can find a huge range of “Nutrifit approved” items; and there are Nutrifit dishes on the menu at Harry’s. We’re even promoting wellness at PW Marine with our “Wellness on the Water” campaign. Ultimately, we want to help support people in their health goals by providing services across all areas of their lifestyle.


Your equaliser policy sounds interesting. Tell us more about that.
We firmly believe that finances shouldn’t stand in the way of good nutrition education or access to fitness resources. Education and health are two incredibly important equalisers in the pursuit of a society that provides fair opportunities for everyone. We’ve worked hard to ensure good insurance coverage for many of our nutrition clients, but people who don’t have coverage—or who are unable to afford their copays—can get financial assistance.


Given the COVID-19 pandemic, how can one boost their immune system through diet and exercise?
We often explain to clients that while it’s difficult to prove that certain foods are “immune boosting,” there is no doubt that what you eat, drink—and how you live your life—will either build you up or knock you down. This means taking exercise, sleeping well, managing stress and drinking plenty of water. In terms of diet, one of the most promising areas of research is on vitamin D and how significant it is for boosting respiratory resilience.



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Waterfront Wellness Corporate Health & Fitness Facility is nested in the NW corner of The Waterfront Plaza and is accessible 24/7 via personal swipe card. They offer a comprehensive selection of fitness and wellness workouts. Visit www.waterfrontwellness.bm, contact mywellness@thewaterfront.bm or catherine@thewaterfront.bm, or call 298-3787