For more than 15 years, Hope Healthcare has offered the highest level of health services to Bermuda’s residents, visitors and corporations, tailoring their amenities to meet the needs of their patients. Managing director, Dr. Brent Williams sat down with us to discuss the facility’s unique services and passion for patient care.


“We’re proud of the scope and quality of services we offer at Hope Healthcare,” says Dr Brent Williams, Medical Director. “But perhaps we’re most gratified by having influenced the trajectory of care in Bermuda. Others are emulating our model and our level of care. Raising the standard of health care in this country is a terrific accomplishment.”

After completing his education and training in Spain and the US, Dr Williams completed a three-year internship and residency in the Department of Family and Preventative Medicine at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. He then served as an assistant professor in the same faculty as well as a clinical instructor before his appointment as medical director at Hope Healthcare in 2005.

The professionals at Hope Healthcare, a medical and wellness centre, are passionate about enhancing the quality of life for their patients: physical, mental and spiritual. The centre’s impressive array of departments ranges from general practice, cardiology and pulmonology to sleep medicine and, through the Bermuda Wellness and Outreach Centre, nutrition and weight-loss support. Hope Healthcare is the only full-service sleep medicine centre in Bermuda run by physicians, and it also offers a COLA-accredited laboratory on-site—the highest standard for physician-based labs—that provides the quality testing and feedback needed for comprehensive medical and wellness care.

Dr Williams and his team of board-certified physicians and dedicated staff are keen to help all Bermudians improve their quality of life and relieve their chronic and acute health conditions: hypertension, diabetes, heart health, lung health, hearing loss, and so much more. And offering sleep care is important as the team is well aware of the link between poor sleep and cardiac dysrhythmia (abnormal heartbeat rhythm), healthy kidney function and hypertension. “We were the first centre in Bermuda to offer a sleep study that has been the standard of care for 20 years,” says Dr Williams. “We follow the latest research on the role of sleep in general health and wellness, including studies that confirm the greater risk of high blood pressure for Black people as a result of insufficient sleep. Given that patients of colour are disproportionately affected by hypertension and diabetes—and that sleep apnea has been shown to increase blood glucose—there is a whole host of ailments that can be improved through greater quality sleep. We want to help our patients get that sleep and elevate their overall health and wellness.”

Patients also benefit from the cryosurgery offered at Hope Healthcare which is the use of extreme cold to destroy abnormal or diseased tissue. Cervical cryosurgery, for example, can freeze off pre-cancerous cells, providing another line of defense against cancer.

Preventive health care is another defense against illness and disease. Changes in lifestyle and personal health habits—from exercise and weight loss to nutrition and alcohol intake—play a strong role in disease prevention. Patients learn how to take action in advance against conditions like cardiovascular disease, lung disease, cancer, diabetes, and even some kinds of injury, all of which can, in many cases, be avoided through timely and effective interventions.

Finally, partnerships with other medical experts and specialists strengthen the suite of health and wellness offerings at Hope Healthcare. Of particular note, a collaboration with Lenox Hill Hospital benefits both institutions and their patients. “Doctors from Lenox Hill come here to diagnose, treat and follow up with patients we share,” says Dr Williams. “This provides excellent continuity of care and simplifies the process of patients receiving a second opinion on their condition and treatment. Physicians here also travel to Lenox Hill for continuing medical education to increase their knowledge and elevate their skills. In the health and wellness fields, it’s impossible to overstate the value of ongoing professional learning, collaboration and exchange of ideas. That is a strength of our centre.”

If Dr Williams could say only one thing about Hope Healthcare, what would it be? “Compassionate, comprehensive and effective medical and wellness care for our patients. It’s all about people feeling better when they come to us, through the expertise we offer and the relationships we nurture. All of us are in this because we want people to live their best lives. That happens by applying the science of medicine and holistic wellness, yes. But it all starts with the connections we form with each other.”


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Hope Healthcare is located at 14 Woodboune Avenue, Pembroke. To learn more about Hope Healthcare, visit or call 295-9105.