Located at The Waterfront on Pitt’s Bay, Waterfront Wellness is an exciting new nutrition and fitness facility with top of the line equipment (including Technogym spin studio) and a full complement of personal training and fitness classes. The Bermudian chats with Catherine Burns, AVP Nutrition, Wellness and Community Health, to learn more about the whole range of their services.


Located at The Waterfront on Pitt’s Bay, Waterfront Wellness is an exciting new nutrition and fitness facility with top-of-the-line equipment and a full complement of personal training and fitness classes. Led by an incredible team with decades of experience, members of Waterfront Wellness get expert guidance for all their wellness interests and needs, whether using the gym facility, nutrition services or even promoting corporate work-life balance.

“We are friendly, driven and motivated by your success,” says Catherine Burns, AVP Nutrition, Wellness and Community Health at Waterfront Wellness and founder of Natural Nutrition. “We provide expert guidance in fitness training, team sports performance, running performance and even rehabilitation from chronic disease. And we have an evidence-based, real food philosophy when it comes to nutrition. Some of our members are just starting out on their health journey and others are veterans. There is no one-size-fits-all approach here—even visitors to the island are welcome. Our services are tailored and customised to individual need.”

Those customised services are also interconnected and integrated. The wellness team understands that achieving optimal health takes the whole person into account. Most important, the team has a “meet you where you are” approach. Some members have a sound understanding of fitness and nutrition science and use the facilities and services to tweak and optimise their health. Others are just learning how to move and to nourish their bodies to improve their general health or address specific health conditions. There’s a warm and welcoming space for everyone—and just the right level of support and guidance.

Who is on the team of experts working aside Catherine to help each member reach their personal health and fitness goals? Drop by the facility to meet Yves Paul, personal and group trainer; Graham Frith, personal and group trainer running specialist; Oronde Camara, personal and group trainer and circuit classes; Andrea Santucci, yoga instructor; Christina Dotson, kickboxing and group fitness instructor, and Jenna Engelbrecht, behavioural nutritionist and barre instructor. There really is something for everyone at Waterfront Wellness.

“We are more than just a gym,” adds Catherine. “By combining our fitness element with nutrition services, we offer a holistic approach to wellness. And our wellness philosophy—”live well with us”—is becoming integrated into The Waterfront’s other companies.” Miles Market and Harry’s Restaurant both offer Nutrifit-approved items, a Wellness on the Water campaign promotes wellness at PW Marine, and corporate wellness options are provided for Waterfront tenants. The facility supports people in their health goals by providing services across all areas of their lifestyle, including a one-on-one nutritional therapy consultation with Catherine as part of the individualised approach to personal wellness.

Waterfront Wellness has also adopted an “equaliser policy” for their nutrition services which provides financial assistance to prospective members without insurance coverage or the ability to afford their co-pays. The team believes that finances shouldn’t stand in the way of good nutrition education: “Education and health are two incredibly important equalisers in the pursuit of a society that provides fair opportunities for all,” says Catherine. “We care about providing access to nutrition services for those who would otherwise be excluded on financial grounds.”

The team also cares deeply about the daily health struggles many people face—from weight management to preventative strategies for chronic disease and for issues such as IBS, eczema and migraines. “There is no doubt that what you eat and drink, and how you live your life, will either build you up or knock you down,” says Catherine. “We’re in the build-you-up business. We help our members to build buffers against stress and disease, which research says requires an all-in approach: exercise, quality sleep, nutrient-dense foods and plenty of water. Most of all, we want our members and all Bermudians to live their best lives, develop positive habits and experience joy every day. That’s why we’re here.”


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Waterfront Wellness Corporate Health & Fitness Facility is nested in the NW corner of The Waterfront Plaza and is accessible 24/7 via personal swipe card. They offer a comprehensive selection of fitness and wellness workouts. Visit www.waterfrontwellness.bm, contact mywellness@thewaterfront.bm or info@thewaterfront.bm, or call 298-3787