The Verity Dental team is passionate about starting dental care early, including toothbrushing and a trip to the dentist when the first teeth arrive, and also about the positive impact of quality nutrition throughout life.

Dental health for babies? Toddlers at the dentist? Toothbrushing before all the teeth come in? If these sound like unusual practices, you may be surprised to hear how important they are for a child’s overall health. But how can a trip to the dentist be beneficial for very young children? In simplest terms, the answer is that teaching children about their dental health is as important as teaching them about their physical health. Considering that one in four children in England has dental decay by the age of five, early education and early dental hygiene can have a profound effect on a child’s life, both physically and psychologically.

“We see very young children with decay in their baby teeth,” says Dr White of Verity Dental. “Parents are reluctant to fill a baby tooth because it will fall out eventually anyway. But with that approach, we’re unlikely to see a child at the dentist until they get their adult teeth. That’s a long time to go without dental care. Not only is it possible that they haven’t developed a good hygiene routine, they also may not feel comfortable with a dentist. As a result, their teeth could continue to decay, and they may become fearful of regular dental care.”

Dr White points out that dental anxiety can be a serious issue in both children and adults. It usually originates from a negative dental experience or a fear of pain, and it can be passed on to children from their parents. While some degree of dental anxiety is normal and can be managed well, for others it can become a big issue—and a barrier to necessary care. Parents play the most important role in a child’s life when it comes to avoiding dental anxiety. First on the list is introducing kids to dental care early in life—as early as when their two front teeth show through their gums, which is around one year old. Second is avoiding negative language about going to the dentist, since that’s how fears and preconceptions get established early. Parents can also read books to their children about visiting the dentist, write down any questions their kids have and share them with their dentist, and bring a favourite toy or headphones with calming music to a dental appointment.

So, while very young children don’t understand much about early dental care, developing positive habits and attitudes begins in babyhood. That includes good nutrition, which protects teeth from decay in the first place so that serious dental problems are less likely to develop. The Canadian Dental Association advises that children not be given foods or drinks of low nutritional value and high carbohydrate content and acidity, such as fruit juices, sports and energy drinks and sugary sodas. The issue extends beyond tooth decay, which is serious enough. With gum or dental pain, children may start to avoid harder or chewier foods like meat and vegetables and seek comfort in treats and beverages which then creates a vicious circle.

The Verity Dental team is passionate about starting dental care early, including toothbrushing and a trip to the dentist when the first teeth arrive, and also about the positive impact of quality nutrition throughout life. “Both dental anxiety and poor nutrition can lead to some serious situations,” says Dr White. “Patients will often avoid coming to the office until it’s an urgent dental situation and they can no longer control the pain themselves. A future with untreated dental disease can include moderate to severe dental decay, infections, loss of teeth and general health issues. The reality is that there is a significant correlation between poor oral health and poor overall health.”

Passionate about all aspects of dental health, Verity Dental takes a patient-first approach, which has created remarkable loyalty to the point where new generations of families now see them for treatment. In addition to the emphasis they place on building great relationships, they also use the most up-to-date and effective technology for optimal dental care. “We earn our patients’ confidence and trust by combining professionalism, compassion and expertise into exceptional dental care,” says Dr White. “And the earlier in life that care begins, the better the chances of lifelong health and wellness. Parents, teach your children well about dental health.”

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