January is a time of new beginnings – a wonderful time to update your outlook on life and try something new. According to scientific research, setting a measurable and realistic goal (or resolution) for oneself makes you 10-times more likely to actually achieve positive change. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common New Year’s resolutions, and our recommendations for where and how to achieve them locally!


Want to exercise more often? Visit Beyond Fitness Bermuda
Owned by Christine Dailey, who is also an instructor and trainer at the club, Beyond Fitness has become ‘the’ place to work out. She has made sure that lack of time and dislike of the gym is not a viable excuse when it comes to fitness because the classes are at all hours of the day and are designed to be fun as well as a good workout. If you sign up for a membership at Beyond Fitness you’re sure to hit your New Years resolution goals with this Award of Excellence 2018 winner!

The variety of classes is unrivalled and includes the very popular Rx Ride spin class as well as BlastFIT, Pilates, TRX, TABATA HIIT, Barbell Burnout and a six-week boxing programme. On weekdays, the first class starts at 6.15 a.m. and the last starts at 6.30 p.m., with lots of other options in between. They also have classes on Saturday and Sunday mornings. If you prefer the more personal touch, their trainers, including the award-winning Shaun Green, all come highly-recommended for their enthusiasm, ability and determination to help you achieve your fitness goals. Lower Ground Floor, Mintflower Place, 8 Par-La-Ville Road, Hamilton, info@beyondfitbda.com.


Do you dream of introducing healthier foods into your diet? Look no further than BermyFresh
For all your organic health food needs, look no further than our Best of Bermuda Award of Excellence 2018 winner! BermyFresh is a markedly innovative organic food provider that offers locally grown microgreens, baby leafy greens, mushrooms, shoots, sprouts, herbs and micro-herbs that are pesticide-free and positively brimming with essential vitamins and nutrients. Owner Scott Tucker started BermyFresh in 2015, and it has since exploded in popularity with restaurants, grocery stores, and individual buyers, giving consumers locally unprecedented access to fresh-picked, hydroponically grown vegetables.

As demand for BermyFresh has increased, their busy operation on Wellbottom Road has adapted to accommodate. As such, in 2016 they began offering “Farm Boxes” to people who wanted a consistent supply of their products on a weekly basis. Each box features an assortment of their offerings that is carefully crafted to promote a wellbalanced diet and lifestyle; shoots, microgreens, herbs and micro-mix, shitake mushrooms, and baby lettuce are all included. After getting hooked on eating healthy after sampling some of BermyFresh’s tasty microgreens, it’s easier than ever to commit to a healthy lifestyle with a subscription! 15 Wellbottom, Southampton, 236-3400


Open Airways can give you the boost you need to quit smoking for good
Bermuda is doing exceptionally well in comparison to the global average statistics for daily smoking, a 2017 BHB report states, but it’s still one of the most common new years resolutions. President Obama reportedly struggled with smoking his whole life, but after his wife and former first-lady’s health campaign in 2013, Obama was quoted saying, “I haven’t had a cigarette in six years… that’s because I’m scared of my wife” – if Obama can do it, so can you.

Open Airways supports several local programs to help citizens stop smoking. Over 200 locals, many of whom complete the program successfully, have attended Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking seminars. In addition, the BHB puts on a Quit Smart program, combining nicotine replacements to ease off of cigarette dependency, mindfulness, and hypnosis.


Reduce stress from the holidays and all year round at FusionWorks with Marcia
Yoga works within the principles of meditation to calm your body and mind holistically. What better stress-relieving business to visit than our Best of Bermuda Award 2018 winner in the yoga cateogory, FusionWorks!

Marcia is a community-minded person who formed FusionWorks to get more people on the mat and have time for themselves. Her classes are unique, reasonably priced and cater for every body type. They take place at different locations including Sabor Dance Studio, Just Breath Studio in St. George’s, Bermuda College and Astwood Park. They include “Strala Yoga to Reggae Vibes,” “Sunday Sunrise Yoga,” “Yoga for the Curvy Voluptuous Woman” and “Fusion Pilates.” She also specialises in Parkinson’s disease movement and is a trauma trained instructor. Fusionworksmarcia@hotmail.com, 747-7747


Looking to bring more literature into your life? Bermuda National Library, Bermuda College Library, and BAMZ Library are the places to be
New years resolutions for many citizens centre on becoming more educated and learning more about topics that interest them. Luckily, Bermuda has fantastic, reasonably priced resources for anyone wishing to read and learn more.

Membership at the Bermuda National Library is free for Bermuda residents and allows access to their 100,000+ title collection. A maximum of six items can be borrowed at one time, with lending periods of 14 or 28 days. Their extensive collection includes hardbacks, paperbacks, newspapers, CDs, and more. The library itself is free to use, and open to the public every day except Sunday.

For those wishing to explore more specialist subjects, the Bermuda College library is the only academic library on island. While the library’s sunlit halls are free to use, to take out books or to use academic journal searches, you will need to purchase membership for $35.

For natural history enthusiasts, the BAMZ library is an often-overlooked resource. It includes publications about the island’s ecology and biodiversity, including papers published by the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences, and papers published under the umbrella of the Bermuda Biodiversity Project. You can visit the library or request materials by contacting librarian Alison Green at agreen@gov.bm.


For tips on saving money, check out Dave Ramsey
Dave Ramsey is the author of a personal finance advice column in the Royal Gazette. He is the author of seven bestselling books about money management, and is broadcasted each week to 14 million listeners on 600 radio stations.

In one of his letters, he outlines a baby steps plan that will get you on the journey to saving money and getting out of debt. He recommends that the primary concerns of someone who would like to become financially savvy are getting $1000 in the bank for a starter emergency fund, and next beginning a debt snowball where you pay off your debts from smallest to largest. You can read Dave Ramsey’s advice in the Royal Gazette, and contact him with your questions on twitter.


Commit to spending more time with your family with inspiring activity guides from The Bermudian
Bermuda is a wonderful place to raise a family, and some of the most exciting activities here are owed to its open space. We have many guides showcasing the best family activities, from fun golf, to walks on the railway trail, to national park guides, art workshops, playgrounds, and much, much more!

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