As the Christmas season begins the hype of shopping and eating also starts to tax our systems but if we choose wisely we can stay trim all season long. As the holiday approaches families and friends start to gather together to share time with each other which often includes nibbles, alcohol and overindulgence. There are many positive aspects of this time of year as we begin to share appreciation, love and nourishment with each other. Here are a few tips on healthy holiday tactics to staying balanced with the body and mind throughout this time of year.


1. Choose Food Consciously

If you set your daily allowance and limit your food consumption to one portion per meal before you go to a party or dinner with family you will probably be better off by consciously going into eating a meal rather than just consuming something because it is in front of you. Conscious eating is more fun anyway because if you are going to enjoy a little treat then really take the time to enjoy it.


2. Monitor Your Alcohol Intake

If you are going to consume alcohol make sure you drink a glass of water in between each glass of cheer. Hangovers will be less severe and your cells will be slightly better off with hydration. Eat hydrating foods like vegetables and fruits before and after consuming alcohol and up your protein intake whilst drinking. The protein helps to balance out the extra sugar in the blood.


3. Avoid Sugar

Sugar is a huge cause of inflammation in the body. Sugar is addictive for the body and those that crave it often have an imbalanced diet. It causes havoc in the body with the chemical reaction domino effect. There are better choices available like stevia or agave for cooking the Christmas treats because these have less of a glycemic spike in the blood. If you do consume some sugar, be sensible about it and only have a little. If you eat healthy fats and proteins with sugar it absorbs more slowly in the blood therefore you are less likely to get the sugar jitters and crash. Nuts are an excellent component to sugary treats.


4. Attitude is Altitude

Happiness and gratitude this time of year is at an all-time peak. When we spend time with the people we choose it gives us a smile and a little light bulb of joy shines through. For kids the trigger is often the presents under the tree and for others the fact that they have a few extra days off of work and that bit of extra rest brings a gleaming smile to their faces. Appreciation is the key. If we appreciate what we get and where it comes from life just keeps getting better.



Written by Caroline Tee 

Owner of Horizon Health and registered C.H.E.K. Practitioner