Here in Bermuda there’s a high probability getting stung by a Portuguese Man O’ War, but most stings can be treated with a few simple remedies.


1. Remove the stingers by washing yourself in the water. Any pieces of tentacle that are left on you should be removed immediately with seawater or scraped off using an ID or credit card. Do not let sand get on the wound or rub it with a towel, as this might further aggravate the sting.


2. Rinse with vinegar or apply a baking soda paste, as you would with a fiberglass rash. For vinegar, rinse the affected area for 30 seconds or more. To make a making soda paste, simply mix baking soda with seawater, NOT fresh water, and apply it to the affected area. Leave the paste on until the pain starts to subside.


3. A hot shower or ice packs can ease the pain, but won’t make it go away any quicker. Do not use water hotter than you can tolerate (above 113 F).


4. Pain relievers and calamine lotion/lidocaine can help relieve the itching as well as pain.



Pee on the wound.

Use a meat tenderizer on the wound

Use solvents of any kind, such as formalin, ethanol, or gasoline

Apply a pressure bandage.




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