FROM FARAWAY SHORES (ran April 1981)

The past couple months have brought us some rather extraordinary mail.

We use the word ‘extraordinary’ not to describe the contents so much, but more the correspondents’ countries of origin.

It both intrigued and delighted this office when Mr. John T. Dutfield wrote us from Singapore. He complained that The Bermudian, to which he subscribes, took a good three months to reach him, and would we advise him of the airmail rate. It came to use as a painful jolt to discover that it would cost him a whopping $45.00 (almost five times the amount of his yearly subscription.) However, we dutifully passed on this information, and certainly never expected to hear anything further about the matter.

Imagine our surprise and genuine appreciation when his cheque for $45.00 promptly arrived (mailed Feb 26th; received March 6th)

Thank you, Mr. Dutfield, we are deeply flattered.