The following item, date-line Pontypridd, Wales, appeared in Pageant magazine recently: “A nanny goat got herself into the record books. It seems she was minding her own business and munching buds in a field when 148 cross-country runners raced by. She ran after them, through a pond, around a slag heap, and over two fences, crossing the finish line ahead of many of the runners. The crowd cheered and the amazed judges of the Welsh Amateur Athletic Association decided to award the goat 103rd place in the race.”


In Pelican Rapids, Minn., the AP reported, it is illegal to dance with anoyone but your wife. Richard Nitz, the village attorney, discovered an ancient ordinance that apparently had not been enforced for mayn years. He said he would draw up a new ordinance to keep dancers from being law-breakers.


Accoring to Reuters, the Rev. John Morris of Holy Trinity Church in the London suburb of Hemel Hempstead had a new light installed in his church because the old one used to shine on his bald head and dazzle the congregation. The new light has a screen so its rays will not beam on the vicar’s pate. 


Speaking over the BBC, Alastir Borthwick said: “The cry of the wild goose is a sound which is causing farmers in the county of Perth, Scotland, many a sleepless light. They are grey lag geese and the farmers are opposing a Parliamentary Bill which aims to protect them. They claim that there are more than 100,000 wild geese ravaging crops throughout the county, and what’s more they say that the geese’s passion for turnips is having an alcoholic effect on them. Many are actually staggering.”


Reporting from Columbus, Ohio, the UPI said that Major Donn Eisele has qualified for the Boy Scout award of “Air Scout Ace” after 25 years. Major Eisele joined the Boy Scouts and won just about every other award but that one because he had not spent ten days and ten nights away from home. His old troop feels he is now qualified since he spent eleven days circling the earth in Apollo 7.