On July 24, 1946, the film Strange Love, starring Kirk Douglas, premiered at box offices across the United States. During the making of the film, which grossed $3.25 million, Mrs. Thomas N. Dill of Bermuda travelled to California to visit her son-in-law, Kirk who was at the time, married to her daughter, Diana Dill. Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Douglas,  whom were prominent in the entertainment world, invited Mrs. Dill to the studio to watch Douglas perform in Strange Love. Barbara Stanwyck, Van Heflin and Lizabeth Scott also starred in the film, which introduced Douglas to movie audiences.

While visiting, Mrs. Dill was invited to take part in a screen test for another film. Asserting her belief that “two actors in the family are enough,” Mrs. Dill turned down the Hollywood screen test. Producer Hal Wallis was introduced to the Mrs. Dill’s charm and wit, offered a test and role in the film.  Director Lewis Milestone also urged that she accept, but Mrs. Dill remained firm. However, she did consent to pose for the still cameraman with her daughter and son-in-law.