Bermuda became a major tourist destination for the rich and famous in the early 20th century. Politicians, singers, writers and actors flocked to our secluded island to escape the limelight. Here are some great shots of notable celebrities enjoying Bermuda’s shores. 

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor at Government House in 1940.

US president John F Kennedy addresses Bermudians after his arrival in December 1961.

Alma ‘Champ’ Hunt sporting his Scottish Team cap after returning to Bermuda following his professional stints overseas in 1930s

Mark Twain in his trademark white flannel suit arriving for lunch at a Bermudian home circa 1908.

Georgia O’Keeffe spent several weeks at Cambridge Beaches in Somerset July 1933

Winston Churchill with Viscount Knollys (then Governor General of Bermuda) at Darrell’s Island airport January 1942.

Alex Haley, the famous author of Roots visiting Bermuda

Famous British actor Rex Harrison, best known for his roles in ‘My Fair Lady’ and ‘Doctor Dolittle’, at The 21 Club with his bride Kay Kendall in 1957.

Archie and Lillian Minors greet actor Jimmy Edwards at Archlyn Villa in St George in early 1950s.