Bermuda’s 350th Anniversary Floral Pageant, with 28 entries, provided a beautiful spectacle for the thousands that lined Hamilton streets during the colourful parade. Top award winners were Smith’s Parish and A. S. Cooper & Sons, Ltd., both of which won first place in four classes, including three special classes. Judge Mrs Daniel F. Mooney of the National Council of State Garden Clubs commented, “You could compete anywhere with the floats which were in the parade. The detail of the patterns was outstanding. We had great difficulty in choosing the winners and several times we had to re-examine entries before we were able to reach a decision.”


First prize winner in the commercial advertising class was the entry of The Yankee Store.


TOP PRIZE WINNER: Judged best entry, best parish entry and most artistic entry was the Smith’s Parish float.


First prize for the most beautiful entry featuring lilies was won by the Bermuda Telephone Company’s float, which also took third prize in the commercial advertising section.


Depicting a scene from “The Tempest,” the float of A. S. Cooper & Sons, Ltd., won four top prizes – most beautiful, most original, most imaginative and skilful, and best among the motor-drawn entries.


Mrs R. E. Spence of the Garden Club of Ontario, one of the judges, presenting the Garden Club of Toronto Trophy to the Hamilton Fire Brigade, winners in the voluntary organization section. At right is MR J. David Gibbons, president of the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce, sponsors of the Pageant.


Dellwood School’s entry, called “Sing a Son of sixpence,” won top prize in the schools division.