Both competitive and leisurely, fishing has always been a highly valued pastime and sport in Bermuda. Throughout history, there have been some impressive catches, boated by both locals and visitors. Featured here are some photos of the biggest fish caught from the island’s waters, as well as others that show the many different ways of going fishing.

Winners of the Light Tackle Tournament, Gwynedd Valley Fishing Club, with a sampling of their catch. From left: Crayton Greene, Stan Posen and Jean Duval.
Fishermen hauling jacks off Coney Island, St. George’s.
Fishy Kiss: Another feather in the cap of “Challenger’s” skipper, Alan Card, this 780 lb bluefin tuna is one of Bermuda’s biggest catches on record.
Dusty Hind, fishing from David Lines’ cruiser “Janie May,” boated this 291 lb hammerhead shark and won the Sea Horse Anglers Club’s Bacardi rum tournament.
Angling for the Willy Bonefish in Long Bay, Somerset
Spear fishing on South Shore.
One of the most scenic and exciting water sports in Bermuda is bone fishing. The bonefish, a silvery torpedo with a reputation as a real fighter, inhabit the incredibly clear waters of the south shore. Wading along the sandy shelf, the fisherman can see the fish a long way off and merely casts his bait to them. Six world-record bonefish have been taken from Bermua waters.
Miss Edith Brugger of Paris, France, with 200 lb blue marlin she caught here recently. At the time it was the largest blue marlin taken by a woman. A week later she boated a giant 426 pounder.
A massive grouper.
Brian Ludlow of Ottawa (holding rod) with his 563 lb blue marlin, one of the largest ever taken in Bermuda waters. At left is Guide Ron Boys, from whose cruiser “Argosy” the fish was caught; at right, Horst Sattler, manager of the Southampton Princess, where Mr. Ludlow was staying.
Triumphant young anglers in Whale Bay, Southampton.