The first forts established in Bermuda were built under Governor Richard Moore in 1612 to protect against potential attacks from the Spanish. Due to Bermuda’s strategic maritime location during wartimes, the British would go on to erect more than 90 forts across the island. These structures were built of stone, which is why many remains can still be seen to this day and make great historical attractions.

Castle Island was fortified by Governor Richard Moore soon after his arrival in the colony in 1612.
Canon fire salutes arrival of cruise ships.
Alexandra Battery.
Guarded by these early-17th-century forts, Bermuda’s Castle Harbour once sheltered mighty sailing ships of theRoyal Navy. Today, the historic ruins at Castle Roads shelter nests of rare seas birds.
Gates Fort, 1935.
Visitors enjoying Fort St. Catherine.
Gates Fort.
Aerial of Fort St. Catherine and beach.
Moated gardens beneath the drawbridge at Fort Hamilton.
The Martello Tower at Ferry Point, St. George’s, 1935.